Yolanda Speaks Out About Lyme Disease

Yolanda Speaks Out About Lyme Disease

Yolanda Hadid, previously Yolanda Foster of Hollywood Wives fame, recently shared her story with Dr. Oz in a special episode revealing her four year struggle.

Yolanda started feeling ill just prior to her marriage to David Foster, and struggled as most of us have to get a definitive diagnosis. To her sorrow, two of her three children were also diagnosed with Lyme disease.

The interview relates the world-wide journey to different doctors for a wide variety of treatments in what was certainly a desperate search for full recovery. We can all relate to that.

I am sure I am not alone in fantasizing what an unlimited budget would allow for treatments. I have already gone through my savings and am now on Medicare which I never thought would happen.  But many people don’t have any insurance and can’t afford a LLMD or any other treatment.  It is terrible to think of so many thousands of people suffering without treatment. It is even worse for those who can’t afford a doctor for a diagnosis.

But we have Yolanda to thank for raising awareness. Thanks Yolanda!

Watch it here: Dr. Oz

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