Yolanda Foster Fights For Her Life and Sanity

Yolanda Foster Fights For Her Life and Sanity

For those of us who have gone through the terrifying loss of mental capacity, pain and weakness that the Hollywood star, Yolanda Foster is now going through, we all share in her distress and wish her a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, there is no speedy recovery from Lyme disease.

Yolanda recently wrote to her fans on Bravo:

“I would like to apologize for my lousy participation in the blogging department at the moment. Although writing is usually my favorite thing to do, I unfortunately have lost the ability to do so in an intelligent matter at this time. Most of you know I have been battling Lyme disease for the past three years. I wasted the first year trying to get diagnosed and spent the next two trying to find a cure. I have gone from the conventional long-term antibiotics to about every holistic protocol there is to offer. Unfortunately, I was only able to get to about a 60% recovery until I relapsed in early December and have not been able to find my way back”.

“Lyme Neuroborreliosis is a spirochete infection in the brain that can leave one with severe brain impairment and neurological issues. I have lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV, because I can’t process information or any stimulation for that matter. It feels like someone came in and confiscated my brain and tied my hands behind my back to just watch and see life go by without me participating in it.”

“The most frustrating thing is that there is medical data on Lyme and spirochete infections going back all the way to 1908, but yet we still don’t have proper diagnostic testing, a vaccine, or a cure for Lyme disease while we are living in the United States of America, the most extraordinary country in the world. Something doesn’t add up here, and I will made it my life mission to figure this out, because nobody deserves to suffer this way in 2015. Unfortunately, I am of no use to anyone or anything at this moment while weathering the storm.”

“As tired and hopeless as I feel at times, I have an undeniable spirit that will continue to fight and travel the world until I have the proper answers. I keep reminding myself that I was given this task for a greater purpose, which keeps me driven and motivated to think outside the box to make a difference not only for myself but for all my fellow Lymies suffering some form of this debilitating disease that we know so little about. A lot of great medicines and ancient therapies are blocked by the FDA, so that’s why I choose to travel and recognize the value of diverse points of view in medicine. I am a firm believer that God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling, so even though I have not found a cure, I have faith that I will.

“I am blessed with the unwavering support of my husband, my children, and a handful of true friends, and I would like to thank you for all your sweet messages and support on social media. As a human being battling this everyday invisible disability, I ask you to join me in making a kind gesture to someone every day, because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so your kindness goes a long way, and together we can make a real difference in someone’s day.”

“Much love and a big hug, xoxox”

Lyme disease is truly terrifying. Whether you have been just diagnosed or fighting this for decades or even a lifetime, the terror invades every pore and cell. I feel so terribly sad for Yolanda as I feel sad for all of us who have to suffer through this terrible disease. Truly, the gratitude and love she relates are the only way to combat such fear.

However, I do want to disagree strongly with two things Yolanda writes:

First, there IS a reliable diagnostic tool – a blood test with DNA validation from Advanced Lab Services in Pennsylvania that is 94% accurate. The test has been bad-mouthed by very influential medical/political doctors who are loudly opposed to the existence of (and very words) “chronic Lyme disease” although “bacteria that persist after antibiotics” seems to be OK although there is not a difference in meaning – only words. (SEE: http://lymediseaseresource.com/wordpress/best-antibiotics-to-combat-persisters-in-lyme-disease-according-to-new-study/)  OK, please forgive the digression…

NOTE ABOUT ADVANCED LABS:  Due to the rumors of contamination, and the fact that NY State will not recognize the results of the test, Advanced Labs hired the highly respected microbiologist, Philip M. Tierno, Jr., PhD the Director of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology from the New York University School of Medicine.

Please read Dr. Tierno’s assessment of Advanced Lab Services after touring the facilities following the accusations of contamination:  http://lookingatlyme.blogspot.com/2014/04/has-cdc-got-it-wrong-again-for-lyme.html

Secondly, Yolanda is completely wrong when she say’s “I am of no use to anyone or anything at this moment while weathering the storm”. I think all the Lymies I know would also disagree. Yolanda’s very public suffering validates the suffering for all of us. Although assuredly no one would wish this on anyone, there is a reason for everything under the sun. 

I want to thank Yolanda for bringing much needed attention to Lyme disease when the medical debate is adding to the pain and suffering of so many. Click To Tweet



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3 Responses to Yolanda Foster Fights For Her Life and Sanity

  1. nancy says:

    My son Joe has been suffering for 2 years with Lyme Diseaes and he finds out in March if he is a candidate for IVIG,He is waiting for his nerve biopsy results ,any word if this is helpful?This seems to be his only help cuz nothing seems to be working,He will be trying bicillin shots this week,also he has spent so much money.Do you know of any place where he could get help financially?I am so afraid his insurance wont help him and I would have to say he has spent at least 12,000 dollars so far on his own,any suggestions would be so helpful,Sincerely Nancy

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Thanks for writing – I am sorry about your son! I had the IVIG infusions and they helped my immune system but even with Medicare the cost was $800/infusion and I had to stop – then my immune system went right back to where it had been so all those months and money…it was a waste for me. I started to turn the corner when I got rid of parasites, started destroying biofilm while taking 2 grams of penicillin/day. The bicillin shots did not do even a fraction of the daily oral straight old fashion penicillin. Very important to take strong probiotic (I recommend Therelac) and Nystatin to fight the candida. It has been 32 years but I keep getting better and better…of course I was sick for decades before I crashed. If he hasn’t been sick for too long he should recover faster but everyone is different. However, the spirochetes hide in the parasites and biofilm so you have to deal with those to get totally better…and deal with any co-infection as well.


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