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Whether it is your story or the story of someone in your family who has been sick with Lyme or perhaps you have news of a an exciting new treatment protocol, or helpful supplements for irritating symptoms, or perhaps a book review.

I hear from so many of you on my personal email and I know that all my readers would love to hear what you have to say.

Please send in your post – any length, with a digital picture of you (at any age – one that you like of yourself) and email me (jenna at your permission to publish to this blog.

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  1. Martha E. St.George says:

    Hi Jenna, Have had Lyme over 15 years with Babesia and Bartonella Co=infections. Thanks to “Doc” Buhner’s book…. I tell everyone I know w Lyme to use it…. I am still improving 4-5 years into the process. Any setbacks have been due to re=infection I’m sure since I’m on Cape Cod a lot and even with great precautions one can get bitten here. (This time it was fleas from the cat) Thanks to the Sage I know what to do and get my herbs fired up. Be well. I’ll be in touch, and thanks for helping to save my life Stephen. My Best, Martha

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Congratulations! Many people give up too soon, but remember, this protocol will not work on 100% of cases due to the complexity of co-infections an individual health-related issues/problems. It is great to be on the other side of the illness…improving steadily rather than getting worse or staying the same! 15 years is a long time – I’m so glad you are feeling better!



  2. Your blog is terrific! Please familiarize yourself with the above website of Dr. Savely Yurkovsky. A cardiologist who has used science and physics to heal chronic conditions. His work and treatment is astounding, but shouldn’t be because it is well founded in science and quantum physics.
    Best wishes and continue the great work.

  3. Posy Bass says:

    A (sort of) quick note about my recent Advanced Labs test.. I found an engorged tick on my lower back in June 2008, it was Sunday and I spoke with my primary care physician’s triage nurse on call and was prescribed a single 200 mg doxy pill. Ten days or so later I developed a persistent headache which lasted for several days and sent me to the local emergency room. I was told headaches were not a symptom of Lyme and despite my practically begging they refused to treat me further. Fast forward to the fall of 2009 when I was finally diagnosed with the help of a very positive Igenex test result and subsequently started an aggressive treatment with oral ABX. I have never been so sick in my life! Crazy herxes etc. In the middle of it all I had to change insurance and because of my preexisting condition no private insurer would accept me but thanks to “Obama Care” I did get coverage. Fast forward to this spring, still experiencing unrelenting pain, brain fog etc I sought a second opinion from a Lyme specialist in NY. Dozens of tests and thousands of dollars later it appeared there was nothing wrong with me, all trace of Lyme had evaporated!? But I moved forward with IV ABX, (without insurance coverage). After 5 months (and still sick) I stopped IV and waited the required 4 weeks and had blood drawn for the Advanced Labs culture. Last week the results came back positive, complete with weird sci-fi like images of my very own spirochetes! I was so sure I would test negative and perhaps my lingering problems were related to inflammatory issues ala Shoemaker’s work. This news is rather chilling to say the least…I am back on IV ABX for what might be one last shot at it, a different cocktail. I understand that a positive result is 100%; unequivocal. I am stunned that after all I’ve been through they actually grew live bugs from my blood…
    So how is the Lyme community responding to this new culture? How well is it being accepted? Isn’t it a game changer? What excuse will the naysayers and insurance cos come up with this time? Anyone else had this experience with Advanced Labs? thanks Posy Bass

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Posy –

      I hope its OK with you that I integrated your story into my latest blog post. I am hoping for many more stories like yours…in case you were unaware, Advanced Labs didn’t perfect this culture until recently with the help of Dr. Burrascano. The new 4 week culture has only been available since August.

      As an aside, based on my experience and research, chronic Lyme does not respond well to IV antibiotics. Read Dr. Sapi’s work to see why:


  4. Dear Jenna,
    i am writing out of clear desperation. I believe my mercury poisoning and my families is more intentional. I believe an old client of mine put mercury into my oil tank, boil system, and the mercury vapors have affected my entire household. my daughter has swellingher legs that can not be diagnosed and chronic fatigue, my son has constant salivation, and auditory response problems, my wife has balance issues and cooridnation and i have loss of memory and extreme balance problems. please get back to me with some suggestions. i know that we are all mercury poisoned by our symptoms. my symptoms are the worst, wth numbness, trouble dressing, inablity to see in areas. and halluciantions. I had a hair analysis and it proved to be 18x higher than normal in mercury. please contact me because i could use some help in the next several steps. i had the house checked with a Jerome meter for vapors and it showed elevated levels, but low levels. we should have no levels in our house. 1 631 745 2868.

    please contact through email or phone :

    thanks so much,
    professor anthony parlato

    discovering mercury in the oil would be hard to detect because its constitency? i need to discover how it got there and what next step to saving my families lives. or else we will continue to fall apart physically for no medical reasons. it’s mercury poisoning.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      I am so sorry to hear of your families suffering! Unfortunately, I am not up to speed on the best solutions for mercury poisoning. I know that there is a very reputable clinic in Florida that does a great job of clearing mercury. They may have other resources if you can’t afford their services – there is a supplement called EDTA you can buy at Amazon that helps too but I have no idea about dosage. I would look for a forum of people who suffer with mercury poisoning and post your message there – you should find lots of support.

      Blessings on you – may you and your family find good health.


      • Sharon says:

        Did anyone happen to hear anything about Professor Anthony Parlato, one of the first dozen comments, about his death a few months after his comment was posted? Apparently he died of a heart attack, but maybe it was caused by mercury, or even the stress of worrying about his and his family’s alleged mercury poisoning… I wouldn’t know who to contact, or if they’ve already done a thorough investigation of his claims, but if they haven’t, can anything still be done? If I was still living in NY I’d go to the police there myself, honestly, but now I’m up in Canada and don’t expect to be down there any time soon. I know it’s a little odd, but when I tried to look it up, there’s no mention whatsoever online. I don’t know if he ever told anyone of his suspicions, other than posting on here and one other comment on another site ( I just thought it was odd, and for some reason it’s been haunting me. I’ve also posted this comment on that site.

  5. Lori says:

    Hi! Just briefly, want to say that I have had Lyme & co-infect for 40+ yrs-passed it to my 2 boys (unknowingly!) It’s been horrific! We try to do our best though..and we will prevail…I will see to it! Also, have spent a fortune-tried alot of things & meds. Didn’t go up high enough on Dr. Zhang’s protocol-went to Dr Schaller’s treatments (currently on). Interesting thing is, while we changed our table salt to Pink Himalayan Crystal salt about 2 years ago-we never took in capsule form until recently. Apparently, it is a POTENT antibiotic and we are having a tremendous herx from only 1/day! Suggested use is 2/breakfast, 2/lunch & 2/dinner! I don’t see how anyone could take 6 or more per day! Anyhow, my point is, that it is so impressive, that I wonder if it alone will be effective enough to do the job! I am curious to see how far it will go! It makes sense that salt was used to keep bacteria, molds, etc. from growing-so it makes perfect sense to me that it could really work! It also was used in history to cure several of the plaques. Not sure why it fell out of favor-but I will let our Dr.know! Anyone else out there have any experience with this? Kinda shocking-after spending $$$$!!! LOL!;D

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Lori –

      Have you read my book Salt and Apples? It is all about using Himalayan Salt Pills. My sister and I started Miracle Salt when I first got sick so that I could contribute to Lymies who wanted to use the Salt/C protocol. Mass amounts of Vit C upset my stomach and I found Apple Polyphenols have 22x the antioxidants of Vit C and have other amazing benefits too. I went into a permanent herx that was so bad I had to stop and regroup. Be sure you and your sons are on a biofilm busting protocol as well or you will never be able to get rid of it completely.


  6. Bett Appel says:

    Have you not heard of the fabulous treatment for Lymes that Dr. Sponaugle has at his Florida Detox and Wellness Center? Bett

  7. Donald, MD
    Released in Youtube in August 2013

    Link: Part I

    Link: Part II

    Link: Part III

    Please view ONLINE at YouTube
    Please Download these videos to DVD and Share
    with your physician.
    Thanks to Richard Longland, of the ADR foundation, who
    produced, Edited, and Posted these Videos for
    Public Education
    Alan B. MacDonald MD

  8. Hi Jenna, Hi all
    I thought I would let you know that we will soon start a clinical trial combining different anti-bacterial treatments to control the infection and Stem Cells to boost the immune system and repair the damage caused by a long infection. If you are interested, you can read more here :
    We have 25 places and the trial will last 6 weeks.
    Based on the initial results we have had before launching this study, we believe this combination of treatments can represent a major breakthrough in the treatment of Lyme disease.
    I hope this is helping.
    Best wishes

  9. Philip says:

    I’m trying to find info on bx antitoxin. They are making some super tall claims about curing lyme. And I met an MD recently who said it cured her. pr

  10. dividing cricker says:

    I have been a long time sufferer . I have done it all from RIFE to antibiotics , A friend commented on oil pulling so I started last Oct / Nov . In the same week I read a book THE STEALTH KILLER about oral spirochete written by a dentist William Nordquist . This book describes how all patients have spirochete and how dental issues with root canal and poor health habits cause many health problems . I have been OIL PULLING now for one year and it took about 6 months but things started to turn around . The theory – spirochete need a safe harbor to survive . Maybe it needs the mouth as 1 of its life cycles , Well the concept of breaking the life cycle is just a theory …. Get a copy of The Stealth Killer , read about oil pulling ,I use Coconut oil , and give this a try . The cost is about 12$ a month . I do it first thing in the mourning 1 full tsp in the mouth for 20 minutes then spit it in the trash can or a paper cup ,not the sink …. other note … There are over 600 known oral bacteria, virus and fungus . The Japanese developed GERM WARFARE using spirochete . This was developed before WW2 and was used throughout the attack zone . The Japanese gave this info to Germany and when the war was over these same German scientist were set up on Plum Island —-and there you have it ,,, I knew one of the original researchers that went to Lyme Conn … There is some news of a new vaccine in the works , and another bit of news ,There is a new science that uses viruses to attach bacteria instead of antibiotics … There are other new drugs but they are using nanotechnology , I only know things are not broadcast about this science . Other theories of ill health , The GMO and related pharming could have caused the explosion of lyme cases . My diet is organic , gluten free and sugar free . A good web www, for grain information ,how this all connects to ill health … hope that can help

  11. Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 12:36 PM12:36 PM
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    Re: New Year congratulations from Alan MacDonald
    from alan macdonald to 1 recipient
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    The Dr Paul H Duray MD Research Fellowships Endowment is now launched
    and any donations of any amount would be much appreciated.
    We will have Multiple Sclerosis/Lyme as one of the Target pathology projects.
    I am retired but I will mentor young pathologists and Grand students.
    My Molecular Beacon DNA probes Fla B and 740 are now validated by
    investigators in the UK and in Long Island.
    The probes pick up borrelia specific DNA in tissue and glow green
    when they find their target.
    [an example for Alzheimer’s brain is attached}
    {spirochetes in MS brain has been “old business” since Dr Gabriel Steiner’s
    work in the 1940’s to the time of his Death- when he was pathologist at
    Wayne State School of Medicine .
    We will use the DNA probes as 21st century “special stains” on
    slides from Autopsy MS brain.
    We will attempt to grow Bb from Frozen Autopsy MS brain just as I did
    in 1986-1989 in Southampton Hospital in Long Island NY.
    If you could let your patients know about the Dr. Paul H. Duray MD
    Research foundation ( tax exempt 503c) I would be most grateful.
    Any amount would be gratefully received.
    All good wishes to you and Thanks so much.

    Dr. Paul H. Duray MD Research Fellowship Endowment Foundation
    Alan B. MacDonald,MD
    8427 Benelli Court
    Naples, Florida,34114 , USA
    Tel 239-592-4353

    Link: http:\\
    Link: http:\\www.BorreliaLyme,

  12. lys says:

    Hi, I’m also a lymepatënt. You can find my story and search to treatment on my blog
    keep up doing the goods!

  13. sandy says:

    I am having a hard time following the protocol in the order of starting these tinctures and herbs.
    Is there anyway to simplify in the order of what to start and then go to the next thing?


  14. Michelle says:

    Hello Jenna,

    I am having a hard time posting and receiving responses to my questions on the Don Mau Protocol. I have written several times and the answers that Don has given me have disappeared several hours after posting or my posts never show up at all.

    Is there a “trick” to do posting correctly. Am I doing something wrong on my end?

    Thank you so much for this blog Jenna. God Bless.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Michelle –

      I think Don was overwhelmed by questions regarding his protocol and felt that most questions were answered in his original post.

      I cannot answer any questions regarding his approach as it differs from mine, however I try to deliver as many options as possible due to the fact that we all have a unique combination of co-infections and underlying immune system conditions. I recommend that you review Don’s protocol with your Lyme doctor.


  15. debbie nelson says:

    my husband was diagnosed with Q fever 2 yrs ago- given doxy then more blood work and told it was gone. He is still soooo sick. We saw the target mark at the time and hoped the doxy would do it. his symptoms are . profuse sweating in head only- even if he’s not working hard at anything, headaches, dizzy, foggy brain, face swelling, overall feeling of malaise. He has to lay down for hours at a time to try to feel better, sometimes it works- but most times not. He has 1 1/2 good days a week, and he is loosing his will to live like this anymore- any suggestions? the ifectious disease dr acts like there is nothing that can be done for him now, but we have no life.- DESPERATE!

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Sounds like he has multiple he under a doctor’s care? Has he been tested for Lyme? You may want to check with Advanced Lab Services with a blood culture rather than mess with the ELIZA and western blot which are notoriously inaccurate. Hang in there – there is always hope!


  16. nancy costa says:

    I’ve had lyme and co infections over 30 years . I’ve progressively gotten better after getting rid of parasites. I din’t know how to herbally remove from mascle and brain. Help???? Thanks, Nancy

  17. tammy says:

    Please help me with diagnosing lyme. western blot tested negative but i somehow tested positive for RMSF or its antibodies when I have never had the disease.Please Please help!!!!! Jenna Please E-mail me…

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      You need to be tested by Advanced Lab Services. The test is a blood culture and can take up to 4 months but it is 94% accurate and verifies the result with DNA – that is how I was finally diagnosed. The antibody tests are VERY unreliable. Your doctor must order the test from

      Don’t give up! Meanwhile you can treat Lyme on your own using one of the many alternative protocols but wait one month before taking the blood culture.

      Best wishes to you – and if you have additional questions you can email me at

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Did you get your doctor to order the Advanced Lab Services blood culture? That’s how I finally got my diagnosis and it is verified by DNA! 94% accurate! You need to be off abx one month prior and ask for the extended test because Borrelia is slow growing – it took 4 months for mine to show. The price is almost half of what it was when I took it – unfortunately NY won’t accept it but ask your doc to order and administer the test as soon as possible.

      God Bless!

  18. José francisco says:

    Buenas tardes Jenna:
    Necesito qué me ayudes, llevo toda la vida enfermo con muchísimos tratamientos y cirugías no han solucionado nada y estoy cada día peor con más dolores, cosas raras, perdida de masa muscular, oído, movilidad etc . Me han dicho que tengo un posible lyme por una analítica que me hicieron en Alemania pero aquí en España esto no lo valoran ni te quieren tratar . Necesito la mejor persona y médico que conozcas así como el tratamiento y protocolo que conozcas , no se sí habrá alguno en España o en Europa sino en Estados Unidos así como sí debo hacerme otra analítica y donde.

    Gracias por todo espero tus buenas noticias y que DIOS te bendiga

  19. jax says:

    I am neurologically chronic lymes.. my brain and skin infact all external and I suspect internal heavily laden with biofilm. Infact oozing out of me 2 years I have almost sucessfully extracted and removed the biofilm clean out of my body… my process due to desperate drowning instinct has lead to be ‘potocol naturally..I am driven by pure instinct and have been for some yeats now.. i have also found my instincts have been vital in helping me rid my body of this life and soul destroying bacteria…..its so simple its insane no one has helped me medically for years.. I hate doctors as we all end up doing when you suffer with lymes and all its craziness it bombards you with. Id br dead by now if I didnt believe in me.. all conclude im crazy .I dobt tell anyone my one is interested… my symptoms are facinating on a biological level.and its biological that destroys it I firmly believe. I have photo documented my progress ..mmy discoveries it mutates and destroys my hody ..the list is now a thing I grasp very well..but doctors ha what a joke!.sorry..It’s true. Basic Duty of care basic medical professionalism all wuickly vacate their minds as they close tgeir abilith to kearn somethibg new the minute u say Lymes.. anyhoo I have success contact me if ur interested or check out my facebook ‘jiggy johnston’for a pictorial on my experience with biofilm .

  20. Please read my blog about my struggles with Lyme disease as I am bed ridden this summer and looking for treatment!

  21. TriciaS says:

    Hi Jenna, I’ve enjoyed your blog for many years and as my health returned I haven’t been here in a year or so. I’m glad you’re still getting info out, you were a huge help to me when I was first diagnosed in 2008. Since then my entire family of 6 has been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme and Co’s. My children have suffered enormously and it all could have been prevented if their pediatrician would have listened to me, instead she made copies out of the CDC handbook for how to treat a tick bite. One of my daughters suffered for 7 years with severe mental illness because of Bartonella and Babesia. All but my oldest daughter were on years of multiple antibiotics, antifungals and anti-malarials. We used Buhner protocol and Nutramedix. Needless to say, nothing really helped us to the point of regaining our health and getting off or staying off all of these. As a last ditch effort to help my daughter we found an amazing Alternative Care provider who returned my daughter back to a normal beautiful young teenage girl within 9 weeks using homeopathic remedies that he has specifically formulated for his own practice. I was stunned and amazed. We’re not all responding as well as she did which goes to show that these infections cannot all be treated the same for everyone. We are each so unique and the infections and preexisting problems are also unique. I just wanted to stop in and say hi and thanks for your blog. I recently started a blog of my own at the persistence of many friends and family so now I’m realizing just how much work and time it takes.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Tricia –

      Thanks for writing with such kind encouragement! I think that blogging one’s own story is so much easier than reporting on all aspects of tick-borne illnesses, that is for sure but I would be happy to point people your way if you feel ready. So many people race away from anything Lyme after recovering and yet it is when we are well that we can actually accomplish things on behalf of those who are bedridden and lost in brain fog, crippled with pain and lacking the energy to take a shower!

      I am glad you are still taking an active interest!

      Best wishes on your blog!


  22. Emily says:

    Hi my name is Emily and I am so sorry for wht youur families and u are going through. I can’t fully understand what u guys are going through, but I can partially. I am only thirteen and I have been diagnosed with lyme disease. Lucky for me my family and I found out about it only 4-6 days after the tick was removed. I am on a strong antibiotic for three weeks and I am hoping that will cure me from suffering any long term symptoms. When I went to the dictor it wasnt becuz I had been bitten by a tick. It was becuz I was developing large bumps under my skin in my neck. The bumps got to the point that they would hurt terribly at any slight movement of my neck. We went to the doctor to see wht it was. The doctor cheacked me out and said that my limph nodes were swollen, thankfully my mom asked if it was becuz of a tick. The doctor then seemed to get this terrified look on her face. She ripped the pony tail out of my hair and asked me were I had been bit. I gave her an idea on where it would be and she began to search. She quickly found my bite and was dreading what she saw. She even asked my mom if she could see the red ring (bulls eye) around my bite. The doctor thought it my be possible she was hallucinating becuz the patient before had a tick bite with a red ring around it too. My mom said she could see the ring, and thts when I felt lost, confused, scared, regretful, and etc. she told us all about lyme disease and then handed us a bunch of papers with even more information. The doctor told me about symptoms of the disease and side effects of the prescription she was giving to me. I have suffered constant headaches that ach badly, flu like symptoms, and vomiting. I have experienced a lot of fear that I am sure many of u have. I just hope the treatment works and tht I dont have to suffer nearly half as bad as you guys. I will post again if it works and I most definatley will post again if the treatment doesnt work. I didnt even know there was such thing as lyme disease until I was diagnosed. This is a serious issue that needs to be getting more attention. People with lyme disease need to get funding from the government to help find a cure. There used to be only an estimate of 30,000 people a year getting infected, but now there is an estimate of well over a million. I hope u guys can agree with me on this. I also want to let you guys know that u and your families are in my prayers.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Emily –
      Thanks for sharing your encouragement! I am so happy for you that you were treated quickly – at your age you should recover completely. However, sometime 3 weeks is not long enough and if your headaches continue in a couple of months make sure to insist on a 2 month minimum course of antibiotics and a strong dose too – so many people become chronic with Lyme due to not a strong enough treatment up front when they could have been cured.

      Thanks fro your prayers too – we need them!

      Bless you!

  23. Jill says:

    Hi everyone, I am seeking information and patients who experienced and or researched the BX Protocol by The Delta Institute. I am very interested in this protocol and would really like to correspond with others that have done this protocol. Thank you!!


  24. Mark says:

    I lost my husband to Lyme on Saturday. He had been misdiagnosed with everything imaginable over a period of more than 10 years and long before I knew him. He couldn’t take the pain and the psychological symptoms or the pain of the antibiotics anymore and ended his battle. It is so completely shattering to loose the love of your life and I don’t know what or where to go from here with my own life. No one should have to suffer as he did and no one should have to suffer like me and our whole families are now.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      I don’t know how to respond…

      Mark, I am so, so sorry for your loss. I have wrestled for so long with thoughts of suicide and can only sympathize AND empathize…. Lyme disease is a killer regardless of what mainstream medical/Harvard wants to admit. The only good news is that people like you CAN and SHOULD speak out for the people like your husband who are suffering now and will kill themselves due to pain and despair in the coming weeks and months.

      So many have gone that way…I certainly would have if not for my children and grandson.

      PLEASE don’t let his death go in vain.

      Write letters to elected officials to allow Lyme docs to practice. Doctors prescribe over 2 years of antibiotics for acne – why not Lyme?



  25. Susan says:

    Hi! I am new to this site and would like to share my story. I have been sick for almost ten years.
    I only recently received a lyme diagnosis as well as mold sickness. I found out I have MTHFR three
    years ago. I am seeing a qualified dr and skillfully trained in mold sickness and lyme disease.
    However, I am not getting better. He believes I am having persistent mold exposure and that is
    hampering my ability to heal. It is a nightmare. My symptoms are: oral burning, headaches, tinnitus,
    muscle aches, extreme fatigue, burning, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. Bloating and
    ear pain. I would welcome suggestions or recommendations. Thank you for your time.


    • Peggy Rose says:

      Hi Susan,
      I just came across your post. I have a granddaughter who has been battling lyme for about three years. Her symptoms are similar to yours although not constant. She too has the MTHFR gene mutation. Two copies of the CT776. She seems to have long periods of being well and out of no where strange symptoms pop up. Right now she is experiencing swollen glands in her neck and a rash that itches ears cheeks, neck, head that comes and goes. About a month ago she complained that her left ear was muffled and could not hear out of it. That seem to reside but now the swollen glands under her ear and this crazy itchy rash that comes and goes. She has an appt with her LLMD next thursday. Just wondering what you are doing for the MTHFR gene mutation. I noticed your post was from September. How are you doing now?

  26. Growing up on a farm in a small town outside of Selma, Al was the highlight of my life. My appreciation for life and wanting all of its success is what made me work really hard toward success. I am the tenth child out of thirteen kids but I was determined to be more than a number. I joined the military at age 21, 15 years later I retired. Later, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and I have been faced with many other battles ever since. I have never forgotten my faith and trust in God. I have always been a fighter and I know now that this battle belongs to the Lord.

  27. Well, I’ve had Lyme 3 times over the last 6 years here in Massachusetts, and I’m always suffering “chronic Lyme” symptoms.
    As I’m a songwriter AND I have a sense of humor, what else could I do but write a song????
    Hope you enjoy it.

  28. Alan Foos says:

    If you found out you had Lyme, especially encountered an MD who acknowledged your systems, you’ve been far luckier than most. It took me 47 years to get a fix on it, most of the time dodging doctors since the first time I went in they locked me up for a week. Bipolar disorder, they said, refusing to hear my symptoms or pleas for diagnostics on my sinuses. The sinuses is where it hits me the hardest, but the MDs insist there is no sinus issue. If I do manage to get an MRI or CAT that shows extensive disease since 1969, they hide the results and start trying to convince me it’s bipolar. Ok, I found ways to get on top of the disease over 30 years ago, so I’ve done ok, but my wife had it also, caught in NW Montana in the 50’s or 60’s. She’s been thoroughly destroyed, not being as strong as myself. Then, turns out we have three children all congenital Lyme, and they never stood a chance. They are lost and gone. So, my theme is mostly about medical fraud, because I only narrowed it down to a certainty of Lyme this year, 2016, mostly be studying how the MDs have consistently lied, avoided diagnostics, and the symptoms all five family members have in common. Now, I’ve written more on this, including a book, for anyone interested, because I think the medical profession is more a danger than the bacteria. I’ve managed to stay on top with the right vitamins, herbs and exercise, but a few months ago I lost five teeth to the Lyme infection which leaks toxins into the mouth. Anyway, that’s my story.

  29. Hi Jenna,
    My blogging name is Princess Affliction, but my real name is Gemma. I’ve been looking over your site and reading your stories. I feel for you and am so sorry you’re facing Lyme disease. I too was diagnosed with Lyme eight months ago, after terrible migraines led me into the ER two times a week, but it is wondered that I have had Lyme since the age of seven. Now being almost seventeen years old, it has been a tough journey. The symptoms have been many, as I’m sure you understand by reading your posts. I have had chest pain to where I can barely breath at times, heart palpitations that feel like my heart is about to fly out of my chest, dizziness, joint pain like no other, terrible anxiety, and a few other minor symptoms too. I’ve been to so many doctors I’ve lost count, and have had endless test done I’ve lost count. In nearly every doctor there was a misdiagnosis of a chronic pain condition or they would conclude that there was nothing wrong with me. I have questioned God many times, and have broke down in tears quite often. Though I know, I must never loose faith in God, because he has a purpose for pain. I know he loves me and will keep me strong. It has not been easy, and the more I travel down this chronic illness road and fight the Lyme battle, the more I realize how hard this disease is. So I started my blog about four months ago, as I would like to reach out to those who also have chronic illnesses and pain. It’s not easy to fight these battles alone. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much your stories have touched me and how much I love your website. Just by reading your stories I can tell you are incredibly strong. Thank you for sharing your battle stories and for giving such encouragement. It means so much to me. You are amazing! Thank you.

    ~Princess Affliction

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