Watch Out For Autumn Lyme Disease

Watch Out For Autumn Lyme Disease

Female ticks produce over 3000 nymphs that are amongst the most infectious type of tick, and almost impossible to see.

Imagine taking a jar of pepper and throwing it up in the air on a windy day. Think about that when you are outside anywhere during this autumn and the wind picks up.

Make sure you wear a cap or hat outside as your scalp is the most obvious place that a nymph can hide.  You will not feel it running your fingers over your scalp and you will not feel the tick attach.  Tick saliva has a numbing agent that prevents you from feeling their bite when they latch on.

Many people picture an adult tick full of blood and never consider that these small nymphs are still extremely small even after they have filled up with blood.  The most careful body check will fail to reveal these tiny and dangerous nymphs if they are hiding on a head of hair.

So be careful this autumn and use lots of bug spray on your hair, behind your ears and on the hat you wear to protect yourself.  Use it all over any exposed skin as well but at least you will be able to see a tick on your ankle or neck.

This is many times more important for young children who may want to crawl through shrubs or roll in piles of leaves. Those games of old where it was safe to rake a huge pile of leaves, and take turns jumping in it are no longer safe, and the potential results are the farthest thing from fun.

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