Tribute to Joseph Elone, Fatality of Lyme Disease

Tribute to Joseph Elone, Fatality of Lyme Disease

I try to keep this blog positive, with new information on the progress being made to better diagnose and treat Lyme disease.

This can be tough when the truth of such an escalating epidemic is hidden from the general populace which abandons the victims to years of emotional and physical pain, and yes, even death.

The good news here, is that Joseph has not died in vain, although he certainly did not have a chance to fulfill the shining destiny that seemed to await this 17-year-old Poughkeepsie High School honor student who died in August 2013.

The Poughkeepsie Journal recently reported that on June 6, 2015 at 7PM, a beautiful tribute in the form of a theatrical reading (at Bardavon 1869 Opera House in Poughkeepsie) called “The Little Things, will be performed follwed by a Q & A session by Dr. Richard Horowitz.

“The Little Things” was written by Jeremy Davidson, husband of film and Broadway star Mary Stuart Masterson, a Dutchess County resident, who will direct the theatrical reading which is based on Joseph Elone’s tragic death, and the political and social issues caused by Lyme disease in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

Joseph’s death can be laid directly at the heart of the medical controversy surrounding Lyme disease – E.R. rooms at major hospitals do not start antibiotics and assume Lyme disease until proving that it is not.  Instead, when a patient like Joseph who has been in excellent health goes into the emergency room with severe symptoms that indicate heart problems, doctors are trained to look for traditional heart disease, and routinely miss Lyme carditis (there are no studies or tests (other than the miserably ineffective ELISA antibody test) looking for Lyme carditis when people report heart attacks that don’t fit the mold of traditional heart failure.

Joseph was in excellent health before attending a two-week outdoor camp in Rhode Island, according to his father, Benedict Elone (Lyme disease is “endemic” or established in Rhode Island), and when he came home on July 5, 2013, he felt sick The youth became ill after returning home July 5; he tested negative for Lyme disease, as is typical of early infection, on his second doctor’s visit on July 23.

His parents said he was not treated with antibiotics — some but not all symptoms suggested Lyme — and died just seven hours after collapsing on his front lawn on Aug. 4. just one month after complaining of flu-like symptoms.

Three people died of Lyme carditis within 10 months, and only God knows how many more have dies from Lyme disease across the country without proper diagnosis and treatment. And so many people accept a doctor’s word that there is no Lyme disease after the ELISA antibody is given even though the number of false negatives could be as high as 80%.

The good news is events like this theater reading brings much needed awareness in a community at extreme risk.

And thankfully we now have a Lyme blood culture with DNA verification that is 94% accurate available to anyone in the US, although id you live in New York you need to go to a doctor in a neighboring state to have it ordered due to a demeaning and irresponsible smear job perpetrated by the CDC soon after the test was revealed.

For more information on the 3 deaths: 

For more information on the Advanced Lab Services culture:

For more information on CDC smear campaign and the official investigation into the medical techniques of the Lab’s innovative test which was developed with the consultation of Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Dr. Eva Sapi and others. and more information on the excellence of standards upheld by Advanced Lab Services and much more: 




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2 Responses to Tribute to Joseph Elone, Fatality of Lyme Disease

  1. Gail says:

    Hi Jenna, I always appreciate your articles with the latest information and news that you share. I also appreciate the times you have written back when I’ve written you for advice etc. It’s so encouraging to hear you’re feeling better and I’m excited to hear you’re moving to Florida! That’s where I live! I’m in Fort Lauderdale so if you’re heading to the south end I’d love to take you out for a healthy lunch! Let me know if you’ll be near!


    Gail Kelley

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Thanks Gail! I would love to take you up on that! The same goes for you if you come north…I am hoping I can help with lobbying at the State House for our cause! I have room for guests too although my place is nothing fancy and quite small but I am sure we will connect!

      Thanks for your encouragement!


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