Treating Lyme Disease with Hyerthermia

httpv:// SQUELCHING DR. LOGAN: One other person who might have stopped the spread of AIDS was also effectively dealt with. Dr. WD Logan had rediscovered hyperthermia, a technique of heating a person’s blood to temperatures produced by tropical fevers such as malaria. The technique was employed early in the twentieth century to treat syphilis and cancer, but later in the century fell into disuse. Hyperthermia works by fooling the body into thinking it is faced with a deadly tropical fever, and under those circumstances it will produce substances that will combat such diseases and also effectively work on cancer cells. More recently in the 1990s, hyperthermia has been used as a treatment for Lyme disease. In the first half of 1990 Dr. William Logan, a heart surgeon, treated two AIDS patients with hypothermia; one of them had visible improvement in his condition and proclaimed himself cured of AIDS; the other one was largely unchanged following the treatment. Dr. Logan heated the blood to 108°F for five hours in these two cases and proposed to treat fifty other patients with AIDS, using hypothermia.

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