Tired of Lyme borreliosis. Lyme borreliosis in the Netherlands.

Authors: Coumou J, van der Poll T, Speelman P, Hovius JW Lyme borreliosis has become the most common vector-borne illness in North Eastern USA and Europe. It is a zoonotic disease, with well-defined symptoms, caused by B. burgdorferi sensu lato, and transmitted by ticks. Lyme borreliosis is endemic in the Netherlands with a yearly incidence of approximately 133 cases÷100,000 inhabitants. Similar to another spirochetal disease, syphilis, it can be divided into three stages; early, early disseminated and late disseminated manifestations of disease, of which the specific clinical presentations will be discussed in detail. The diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis is based on a history of potential exposure to ticks and the risk of infection with B. burgdorferi s.l., development of speci…

Authors: Coumou J, van der Poll T, Speelman P, Hovius JW

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