The Way to My Recovery

The Way to My Recovery

I can finally say that I am getting better!  That may not seem like much to some of you, but others who know how sick I have been will rejoice with me and ask “How?”

For me it was not my LLMD but my IDSA internist who after seeing my positive test results from Advanced Labs put me on a strong dose (500 mg 4 times per day) of penicillin which I have combined with the same dose of Serrapeptase.The first few months didn’t seem to make much of a difference but the fourth month started to bring some noticeable results and each month since (I just finished my sixth month) I am able to be up more and active in a way that I have not been for seven years.

I still have a long way to go but feel that I can survive anything as long as I am not bedridden!

My full protocol is as follows:

Pain, anxiety and depression (prescription meds)

Insomnia: 10 mg melatonin and/or 750 mg GABA (also helps with anxiety.)


Raw Juice/Smoothie with kale, carrots, apple, banana, lemon juice, frozen blueberries, 2 Tbsp Chai seeds, 1 Tbsp maca powder, 1 Tbsp D-Ribose, 1 tsp Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, 1/8 tsp cayenne, juice and /or water as much magnesium powder as you can tolerate.

Additional supplements that are critical for energy and strength:

  • 1200 mg CoQ-10
  • 3000 mg Taurine
  • 2400 mg NT factor
  • 900 mg Sarsaparilla AM and PM
  • 1500 mg coral calcium
  • 5000 IU  D3
  • 1000 B complex

I used to take Propax NT but with the Chia seeds and direct supplements I only need the NT factor.  If I had more money I would add Apple Poly but this is working well for me now and I hope others will benefit from my experience.

I got a Ninja Blender to make my smoothie rather than make the juice separately… it only takes minutes and a simple rinse cleans the whole unit.

A side benefit of the Chia Seeds is that they expand in our stomach and make you feel full for hours so for anyone dieting these seeds are miracle seeds and they are so inexpensive through Amazon!

Many of you probably don’t know about the great debate about chronic syphilis years ago which was eventually settled by the advent of penicillin.  It makes perfect sense to me that Borrelia would react to penicillin in the same way.

However, the biofilms must be destroyed and that means staying on a strong dose of anti-spirochetal enzyme (like Lumbrokinase, Serrapeptase or Nattokinase), otherwise a relapse is guaranteed.

I am blessed to have a doctor willing to keep me on these meds until I am completely well.  Again, I believe that getting off the abx too soon is a grave mistake.

I would be writing more frequently, but I am going through a huge personal change which includes another move.  This is so exhausting, but at least I can participate this time!

I will keep everyone posted and look forward to hearing more recovery stories!


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9 Responses to The Way to My Recovery

  1. Don Mau says:

    Glad to hear your doing better Jenna, I thought this info is good also;

    “Antibiotics Kill Bacteria By Damaging Their DNA”

    Unfortunately synthetic antibiotics are not intelligently selective and they also damage human DNA;

    “A team of scientists at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has discovered why long-term treatment with many common antibiotics can cause harmful side effects.”

    There is even this recent disconcerting development;

    On the other hand plant medicines like Cat’s Claw are intelligently selective and attack pathogenic DNA while ignoring DNA from beneficial microbes. This is why they only kill bad bacteria inside you. In fact they actually work to repair DNA damage.

    “Cat’s claw repairs DNA damage caused by chemotherapy”

  2. Nan says:

    Hi Jenna, when do you take the serrapeptase? Do you take same time as anti biotic or before/after etc? Thank you!!

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Nan –
      I take the Serrapeptase at the same time. The enzymes are not effected by the penicillin. I always try to take with food though, and take a strong probiotic.


  3. Don Mau says:

    Here are the seven facts you need to remember about everything you’re seeing today in modern medicine:

    Fact #1: 90 percent of all diseases (cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, etc.) are easily preventable through diet, nutrition, sunlight and exercise. None of these solutions are ever promoted because they make no money.

    Fact #2: Nearly all the consumption of pharmaceuticals today is a direct result of marketing to the public and covertly bribing physicians to write more prescriptions. There is very little drug consumption based on scientific merit.

    Fact #3: No pharmaceuticals actually cure or resolve the underlying causes of disease. Even “successful” drugs only manage symptoms, usually at the cost of interfering with other physiological functions that will cause side effects down the road. There is no such thing as a drug without a side effect.

    Fact #4: There is no financial incentive for anyone in today’s system of medicine (drug companies, hospitals, doctors, etc.) to actually make patients well. Profits are found in continued sickness, not wellness or prevention.

    Fact #5: Virtually all the “prevention” programs you see today (such as free mammograms or other screening programs) are little more than cleverly disguised patient recruitment schemes. They use free screenings to scare people into agreeing to expensive and often unnecessary treatments that enrich drug companies. Breast cancer mammography is a complete scam: The machines actually cause cancer!

    Fact #6: Doctors know virtually nothing about nutrition and are still not taught nutrition in medical schools. Expecting a doctor to teach you about how to prevent disease is sort of like expecting a car mechanic to show you how to perform brain surgery. Although there are some exceptions (doctors who have taught themselves nutrition), most doctors remain so nutritionally illiterate that they have no familiarity with the natural plant-based medicines found in everyday fruits and vegetables.

    Fact #7: Nobody has any interest in your health except you. No corporation, no doctor, and no government has any desire to actually make you well. Keeping you sick makes it easier for them to control and financially exploit you. Healthy, aware individuals are perceived as a threat to the tyrannical institutions now running this country, and they’ve figured out that the best way to keep a nation controlled and subdued is to drug ’em all and keep the people in a constant state of brain fog from medications and fluoride. The only healthy, aware, critically thinking individuals I know are all 100% free of pharmaceuticals and processed foods (and watch no television, either).

    Remember those seven facts and you’ll know more about health and disease than most people. And for your part, stay healthy! Work to safely get off all prescription drugs, eat a diet of natural, wholesome foods (and avoid processed foods), exercise regularly, avoid toxic chemicals in your home (throw out those toxic laundry detergents and switch to soap nuts), and toss those toxic personal care products (skin creams, cosmetics, shampoo, etc.). Stay natural, healthy and alert. Be well, and you’ll be the exception! And please, never be so gullible as to think that your government is going to “save you” with a new health care reform plan. Even if we switch to free health insurance for everyone, the whole system is still based on toxic treatments that cure nothing!

  4. Michael Watson says:

    Jenna – You are a tremendous inspiration to me and provide availability to such a wealth of information for those who need it most. I do not know if you are onto this theory of Lyme symptom relief. Perhaps it is worth further investigation into the research behind it’s effectiveness? Cannabis oil – I searched your blog and produced no results.

    Best of wished for your continued health improvements.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      I plan to do some posts on it soon but have been taking care of my grandson this summer after trying to recover from my ongoing divorce…too many distractions but I have great resources from Hawaii and the Cannabus for Lyme group on Facebook – you should check there.


  5. debbie nelson says:

    happy to have found yr blog-my husband was diagnosed with q-fever 2 yrs ago, so we are now trying the penicillin/serrapeptase treatment. he has been soooo sick and no dr knows what to do. we hope this works

  6. Debbie Nelson says:

    My Husband just started the serapeptase and penicillin treatment. I’m wondering how many mg of serapeptase you took. He is taking 500 mg of penecillin twice a day.

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