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Cowden Protocol

Dr. Horowitz, one of the foremost Lyme literate MDs in America refers most of his chronically ill patients to Dr. Cowden’s  (shown above) protocol if they fail their antibiotic treatment or are unable or unwilling to take antibiotics. Subscribe to … Continue reading

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Genetic Frankenstein: A Link between Chronic Lyme Disease and Alzheimer’s?

Back in 1985, Dr. Alan MacDonald stunned the medical world with a special slide show on neo-natal tissue that he had amassed over years of autopsying stillborn babies as the pathologist at South Hampton Hospital. Using a darkfield microscope technique … Continue reading

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Discovery of New Retrovirus XMRV Brings Hope to Millions of Sufferers of Lyme Disease

Out of the tragic and deadly AIDS epidemic; medical researchers have brought about a wave of new scientific breakthroughs which has benefited hundreds if not thousands of suffering people with related diseases due to immune dysfunction. As the search for … Continue reading

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Happiness is…Total Recovery From Chronic Lyme Disease. Part Four

The last months have been about a lot of “firsts”.  This picture shows my loving and long-suffering husband Scott and I before a huge Christmas party.  The first since my crash (granted I went and left early but there were … Continue reading

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