Some Win Big & Some Lose Big On Marshall Protocol

Some Win Big & Some Lose Big On Marshall Protocol

I repeatedly try to reassure those who have failed on one or many protocols that it may just be the unique mixture of diseases and immune response, and/or immune strength.

It is devastating as this reader will tell you after her most recent commitment to Marshall Protocol. Meet Mindy who has suffered unbearably.

Hi there Jenna, I see that you have a lot of information about the Marshall Protocol.

Let me tell you about some people I know that invested years of their lives on the protocol & starved their bodies of optimal levels of Vitamin D3. I found these people on as I ended up there back in 06 when I found I had a raging infection of Chlamydia pneumoniae (not STD) named Chlamydia which is either Latin or Greek.

Chlamydia means to cloak, which is exactly what the bacteria does. It hides from our immune system inside our cells & has several life phases. [See]

It is highly contagious, and I got it after having a cough which then turned in to pneumonia. About 70% of the population has it by their 50’s. Doctors know little about it & just say, “…ahhh, the immune system will take care of it.”

This is fine, if your immune system isn’t malfunctioning & testing super low as mine has been for years. [And so many of our immune systems are just ignored, and yet desperate for help!]

Anyway, the more I was involved in the protocol, the more horror stories I began to hear about others experience of the Marshall protocol treatment.

Also, terrible stories about the website which is heavily censored making it impossible for people to actually relay their real life experiences during the protocol. Again, some testify to having excellent results with the Marshall protocol.

It is never a good idea to starve your body of an essential vitamin, mineral or anything we would naturally intake. Low levels of vitamin D3 has been linked to diabetes, MS etc & the list is getting longer.

All the people who are not on the Stratton/Wheldone protocol for treatment of cpn at the site noted above are actually making good progress in the fight (some are, some definitely are not.)

I am one who is not.

I have been on abx for 3 years in June & have pulsed about 29 times by then.

The science on the site is sound & this bacteria is another piece of the puzzle that is for sure. I think you may find it quite interesting.

Like you Jenna, I have had Lyme for many years. Here in Canada our diagnostics programs belong with the dinosaurs! I can only say that I have been so blessed that my doc has stuck his neck out for me! It is a miracle – praise God!

His wife & son both have Chronic Lyme & he has them in the US for treatment. Unfortunately, I don’t have $20,000 to be able to follow his plan.

Anyway, I will likely stay on the abx to year end. My disability insurer has suspended me & are probably going to cancel my benefits here soon. I don’t have any money to say the least.

Most of us can relate to the financial jam that Mindy has smacked into. Although some never get disability, I know Mindy is truly grateful for the support she has received thus far, and frightened by what the future may hold. She has not laid down and given up though, she continues to educate herself and try products that are affordable.

So, when you are feeling alone, and SO sick and tired of being sick and tired, you can say a prayer for Mindy and remember…we need to stick together.

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3 Responses to Some Win Big & Some Lose Big On Marshall Protocol

  1. Dian Demmer says:

    I have been on the Marshall Protocol for 2years,7months and although far from cured have kept myself out of a wheelchair and possibly worse. After reading Mindy’s postings on the MPL it is clear she has never been on the protocol. I don’t know what her complaint is in general, but she should not be bad mouthing something she has little knowledge of.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Dian –
      Thanks for your comment.

      I don’t think that anyone was “badmouthing” Dr. Marshall – It is just another story of a protocol working for one person and not for another.

      We need to have compassion for each other because we don’t know how long we each have suffered and to what extent, and with brain fog it is sometimes difficult to follow some protocols exactly , and with co-infections it can be that certain people need a different protocol. That doesn’t mean you won’t recover completely on the very same protocol.

      Please don’t take a person’s criticism personally if it is working for you, just share your success story. We are all so different and we get enough hostility from people who don’t understand Lyme. We need to stick together and encourage one another.

      Blessings to you,

  2. Styllo82 says:

    I’m on MP for 10 months, I know about people who have little improvments or no improvments(not me definitely) but not anyone who “has lost”.
    Even assuming that these can be, there are many, who lost on agressive ABTs, and nearly no one who would have won by non-etiotropical (conventional) threatment. Not to mention there are many non-winers on herbs.
    So I wonder why MP is a higest priority target for negative postings.

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