Some Have Recovered From Chronic Lyme Disease

I have recently begun working with Dr. Jeffrey T. Maehr, D.C. who runs “Pure Health Systems”. I think you will agree after reading this article that Dr, Maehr wrote for us, and looking at his website that this is not the run-of-the-mill nutritional web site. In five years of building Lyme Disease, I have never received such a generous offer of help as I have from Dr. Maehr with his compassionate and informative post.

You will hear more about Dr. Maehr’s other products in future posts, but for today, Dr. Maehr felt that this is the most important information to share with anyone who is infected with Lyme – and as soon as possible!

So, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Jeffrey Maehr, certified nutritional microscopist.

In my 37 years dealing with natural health, I’ve run into everything from hangnails to cancer. Naturally, my hope was to help people deal with their particular situations…providing advice, product and lifestyle suggestions, and the like. In many cases, there often seemed to be “something missing” in sorting out the issues of cause and effect.

Lyme has been one of those infective agents that seems to bury itself deep within the tissues, especially within the spine and nervous system…very difficult to reach with traditional antibiotics, or even natural products. Naturally, as with any health problem, diet and nutrition are a foundational element to regaining health. We can’t expect the body to heal properly if we are ingesting chemicals and such…just doesn’t work that way.

I’ve never believed in a Magic Bullet, and still don’t, because they do not exist, (save for a miracle) but every once in a while a product comes along that addresses what is usually an overlooked biological situation that people wouldn’t associate with disease. Something that I would call “sub-clinical infective agents.”

Clinical infections are easy to diagnose… most people understand when they have a typical “infection,” but most do NOT know when they have a “sub-clinical” infection…that is, an infective agent (bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast, mold, prions…) within their body that is NOT yet producing symptoms, or the symptoms are never associated with an infective agent that would send them to a clinic or to deal with such an infection.

Lyme certainly is an “infective” agent, one that is first a “sub-clinical” infective agent as it ramps up and spread insidiously within the body. No different than a cold… no symptoms at first, but then the symptoms arise even though the infective agent had been there doing its thing for days, weeks or months… maybe even years.

Most often, when someone has any particular agent at work, there are others that join in the process, thereby compounding the original problem. Tick-born co-infections are obvious candidates, but another example is Candida , a yeast infective agent that, once established in the GI system, and spreads, usually encourages other things such as mold, fungus, virus to also take root.

The problem with all this is that these agents produce toxins that interfere with healing, stress the immune system, and many other direct attacks on overall health… multiple systems being compromised. This process, ongoing, slowly reaches the level of “symptoms” but then often times most people try to address one aspect of the compound problem. This minimizes the actual ability to overcome the degenerative changes.

If there are 3 enemies at work, and we fight one and ignore the others, we can’t expects to progress like we want to… discouragement and disappointment fuel clinical depression… after months or years of struggling.

In my work, especially over the last decade, I’ve seen how these sub-clinical agents are directly responsible for a host of health problems. In fact, I personally believe they are directly related to most health problems, including cancer. Even depression, arthritis, diabetes… have been linked to these agents.

So, that being said, what is the answer to this multi-faceted infection called Lyme disease?

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been working with a product that has proven to be a most remarkable product I’ve seen in my 38 years of health care. It is called “Living Streams Probiotic”. This is NOT a full spectrum type probiotic. It is a by-product of what friendly bacteria produce. Just as toxins come from the bad guys, good substances are produced by good bacteria… substances we need for good health and maintenance.

However, in most cases, diets, and bacterial replenishment are not adequate, and these substances are not available in the body, especially given environmental issues as well as deliberate genetic manipulation of these agents, and introducing them into the population…making them extremely resistant.

Considering the fact that they also go systemic… and are opportunistic in nature…they can come and go… producing symptoms, then resolving when we try various products, only to yo-yo back into our lives, but always doing micro-damage over our lives.

Keep in mind that symptoms are the last thing to show up in health problems…and the first to go when we begin to properly deal with the actual causes, but far too often, we stop at the symptom relief level, and this allows the systemic agents to continue to live, and we simply are waiting for them to bounce back under various conditions.

Living Stream Probiotic” actually is a highly concentrated solution containing what have proven to be anti-infective substances… which easily go systemic and routes these guys wherever they hide. With the proper protocol, Lyme patients have reported amazing results:

1. A man with Lyme for 29 years… spent most of his money on treating it, with no results. He began taking “Living Stream Probiotics” and within one month, he reported in a phone interview that he could actually get out of bed, do some light work and felt he had his life returning to him.

2. A woman with Lyme for 21 years… bedridden, having family essentially take care of her. Her brother told her about “Living Stream Probiotics” and got her a bottle. She called me a month later in disbelief. She reported she had absolutely no symptoms… none. She couldn’t believe it (neither could I), and she said she was going to stay on the program for several more months because she didn’t trust “those guys.” Right decision.

3. A man called regarding his wife with Lyme for 2 years… bedridden. After two weeks taking “Living Stream Probiotics”, she was actually able to sit up in bed, get up for short walks, etc. He couldn’t believe it and was just very thankful for it all.

Living Stream Probiotic” isn’t a magic bullet, per say. It is simply concentrating and enhancing our own body’s system in the way it needs, and addressing the foundational elements protection and disease destruction for Lyme (or dozens of other infection related problems) by eliminating these agents, thereby allowing the body to properly address other systems and problems where it was unable to before.

There is ALWAYS an answer to every health problem…we just have to do some detective work and research various issues and determine the best course of action to support the foundation through natural health laws.

Living Stream Probiotic” has not failed to date in dealing with any infective agent reported to us thus far.

Even Lyme can be dealt with when we work WITH the proper order of things.

To order Living Stream Probiotics click here, and/or you may contact Dr. Maehr using the contact info on his website.

For further information compliments of Pure Health Systems go to:

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