Six Siblings with Lyme Disease Recover with Stem Cell Treatment

Six Siblings with Lyme Disease Recover with Stem Cell Treatment

Their parents, Jim and Wendy, call it their last ditch effort, their only hope after nine years of searching for answers, after seeing endless amounts of doctors who couldn’t treat Lyme disease.

“Three of them had sudden onset hearing loss,” Wendy Sweeney said. “They had mal-absorption syndrome, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, they had parasites….I know people always ask, ‘How can six kids all have Lyme disease?’” Jim Sweeney said. “I don’t know.”

Four of the six kids had to be taken out of school because of crippled immune systems. Two of them couldn’t leave the house. But then, an opportunity came to get their lives back from a doctor in India.

“Were we skeptical? Yeah!” Jim said. “I was definitely skeptical to the point I said let’s just take the three sickest because we’re risking everything.”

The Sweeneys got home with mountains of debt but healthier and happier.

“In India, they gave me my life back,” Dylan said. “It was like I had been born again.” See their story documented on You Tube.

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Stem cell treatments for many different ailments are being studied in the United States, but many experts regard them as controversial and still unproven.


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