Sign Petition to President Obama to Revise IDSA Guidelines RE: Lyme Disease

Sign Petition to President Obama to Revise IDSA Guidelines RE: Lyme Disease

Here is our chance to stand up to the IDSA’s faulty Lyme guidelines that were released by them in 2006. These guidelines effectively state there is no such thing as chronic Lyme disease and it can easily be treated using their 2 tier system.

Two devastating results of these guidelines: people who catch the disease in time to completely cure it are frequently misdiagnosed or not given enough abx to eradicate the disease completely which causes chronic Lyme which is very difficult to treat much less cure.

Secondly most insurance companies will not pay for any Lyme treatments that are not called for in the IDSA guidelines and they won’t pay anything for chronic Lyme because it “doesn’t exist.”.

Now, finally we can all do something about this travesty.

Jim Jax (Jim’s handle as a Lyme activist from Jacksonville Florida) sent this alert to me the other day:

As you probably know, thanks to the previous CT Attorney General Richard Blumanthal, the IDSA was investigated, and found the 14 member panel who issued this Lyme guidelines to have conflicts of interest in releasing them to the public, thus he forced the IDSA to disband the first 14 member panel, and install a new 14 member panel that were to review the posted Lyme guidelines and make revisions if needed.

In 2008, CT AG Blumanthal won his bid for the Senate and became Senator Blumanthal of CT.

Unfortunately, this left the Lyme community without a friend to oversee the newly installed IDSA 14 member panel, in 2010  they rubber stamped the first panels Lyme recommendations, to many angry observers but no surprise.

 In spite of the tremendous amount of new research regarding Lyme disease, the panel refuses to change their guidelines in spite of the fact that the current two-tier system is woefully inadequate.

Below you will see the posted acute Lyme disease protocol for treatment, abx for 30 days, what’s really needed is much longer treatment with abx, oral therapy until no active disease for 4 – 8 weeks (4 – 6 months typical) as per Dr. Burrascano. We need to get this faulty acute Lyme treatment policy changed.

Jim and I have signed the petition below, now we ask you to PLEASE – take the time and do so also.

You will need to register a new account at if you don’t already have one, just click the link, it is just 4 boxes long, very easy.

Then go back to the link below and sign in and sign the petition.  We have a long way to go to get all the signatures we need before February 20th.



Jim Jax and Jenna

PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK to sign the petition, You’ll need to register with
the WHITE HOUSE to do so. We need 26,000 signatures.

Reform the Infectious Disease Society of America Treatment Guidelines for
Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is at epidemic levels, posing a significant threat to public
health. Lyme can lead to chronic and debilitating effects if not properly
treated. Lyme is leaving masses of people in progressive states of illness
and financial ruin. The Infectious Diseases Society of America’s treatment
guidelines are to blame, they promote the idea that Lyme is a simple, rare
illness that is easily cured with 30 days of antibiotics. This is not true.
Insurance companies are denying payments for medications even when deemed
medically necessary after 30 days. Doctors who treat Lyme patients are
being investigated and prosecuted for not conforming to such guidelines.
Please sign this petition to reform IDSA guidelines and allow doctors NOT
Insurance companies, to decide what is medically necessary.

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5 Responses to Sign Petition to President Obama to Revise IDSA Guidelines RE: Lyme Disease

  1. Andrea King says:

    Please give more help to people suffering from Lyme Disease.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Andrea –

      Thanks for your comment. I am trying to help as much as I am able. Hopefully you will sign the White House petition that will give all of us more help.


  2. christina cramer says:

    Hi, I just realized the petition expired due to lack of signatures. Did another one start up? Or will there be a similar one? How much time is given for petitions to be signed?

    The National Capitol Lyme Disease Association has a lot of members. Maybe you could tap into their list?

    Thanks for sharing. Christina

  3. Alison says:

    Yes – started a new one!! People are signing fast, please sign and repost on all social channels: FB, twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc. It’s a long road to 100k signatures, but there are soooo many of us!!

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      I posted a new article regarding the petition and have sent the link to everyone I know…thanks for your hard work and keep us posted on any way we can help!


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