Scientific Evidence for Chronic Lyme Disease

Dr Daniel Cameron is a name you can expect to hear more of. He is the new “Rock Star” for chronic Lyme disease sufferers, and the cutting edge researchers around the world.

Dr. Daniel Cameron is a highly respected expert in the Lyme disease field, also, an actively practicing medical doctor in Mt. Kisco New York, as well as the author of over thirty scientific papers on Lyme disease. Additionally, Dr. Cameron is the past President of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases) from October 2007 to October 2009, and on the front line; raising money for more research, securing financing, medical and political support as well as test subjects who are eager to join the data collection today, but also, finding patients who were treated in the past in a certain way and following their progress or treatment failure, and then putting the information together in such a way that even Dr. Steere will have a tough time refuting his meticulous research.

On June 18, 2010, Dr. Cameron released a scientific paper that is sending shock waves through the medical community for the rigorous standard of testing and reporting, with explosive conclusions which at the very least will demand further testing, especially when you begin to evaluate medical records showing the terrible suffering of children that could have been avoided with more proactive and serious treatment at the initial exposure to Lyme infection.

The report shows far greater suffering caused by delayed treatment, than would otherwise be the case, especially with neurological symptoms and arthritic symptoms and pain. The results demand further investigation, in spite of the fact that the numbers of subjects cited in Dr. Cameron’s study are nothing to be sneezed at.

Considering the embarrassing lack of research thus far with respect to such an overwhelming and terrifying epidemic, along side the enormous political and medical debate that is bankrupting thousands and turning whole families out of their homes – it is about time that more serious research be prioritized to stop the fractious and damaging posturing in favor of saving lives.

There are spiteful, mean-spirited people who will respond that Lyme disease does not cause death, but that death is caused by the hotly debated long-term antibiotic treatment and occasional flukes. A spokesman from the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) describes chronic Lyme disease as “the aches and pains of daily living.” Certainly not a life threatening disease. But those of us who have chronic Lyme disease already know how fragile our hold on life becomes.

Chronic Lyme disease takes lives even when there is a breathing shell left in place of the vibrantly active pre-Lyme person. If life is defined by the heart beating perhaps there are many more with Lyme who suffer silently. But I contend that those of us with bad cases of chronic Lyme are the “un-dead” – the “Lyme ghosts” living in agonizing pain – far, far beyond the aches and pains of daily living – unable to contribute to our families, friends, communities…in the meaningful way we once did.

And for children, who have yet to taste the pleasures of vibrant life – they don’t understand what they have lost. So it is up to the adults to protect these victims and bring them back to health (God Bless Dr. Jones).

I think it is safe to say that Dr. Cameron is leading the way towards a new understanding of chronic Lyme disease, which is quite a coup when the entire IDSA is on record as not believing in the existence of chronic Lyme disease!

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2 Responses to Scientific Evidence for Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. William Upper says:

    some 20 odd years ago I almost died twice from Lyme disease and now still have periodic episodes of very swollen and red joints that keep me bed ridden for days, and it takes a trip to the Dr.’s to get me back on my feet. I now have sore and red joints in my elbow, wrist and fingers that keep me debilitated with pain and sore joints so am unable to use my arm. Is there anything I can do to stop these very painful bouts of swollen, and very painful joints?
    William J. Upper

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi William –
      I am not a doctor or licensed practitioner and can only tell you my experience, but 2 gram of serrapeptase and 80 mg of Lumbrokinase split up into 3 or 4 doses per day ON EMPTY STOMACH (I take 500 mg of Serrapeptase 4 times per day and 20 mg of lumbrokinase 4 times a day) in addition to the antibiotics your doctor prescribes. My doctor gives me 2 grams of penicillin/day (oral) but some LLMDs use Clarithromycin and it depends really on what works best for you. But it needs to be a long dose so you can get rid of the biofilms and have the antibiotics there to kill the bacteria that floods into your body after the biofilm is destroyed. The enzymes will also help with inflammation. There are some great anti-inflammatory supplements on – I didn’t suffer from inflammation as much as the central nervous system. Another practice used by Chinese practitioners is to massage the swollen joints as much as possible.


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