Real Housewives’ Yolanda Foster Is Battling Chronic Lyme Disease!

Real Housewives' Yolanda Foster Is Battling Chronic Lyme Disease!

Here’s something you might not know: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has chronic Lyme disease. So famous people do get it although there aren’t many who speak out about it.

Unfortunately for Yolanda, she only noticed something was wrong after filming the show!  FitPerez published the following interview.

Now she’s opening up about her ongoing battle with the disease:

“I’ve had it for about a year-and-a-half, two years.”

So what happened that tipped her off? Well, she called Taylor Armstrong an a-hole, only to realize that not only does she rarely swear, but she:

“had all these words floating my brain and … couldn’t make a sentence from it. That was the day I realized I was really sick and I needed help. I’m starting to see the light, and my brain is coming back!”

She’s actually over 50 days into her treatment and takes antibiotics four times daily, and it’s WORKING!

She continued:

“The Lyme disease had so severely affected my brain functioning that it was extremely hard for me to think, form sentences, and stay focused. I was always trying to be so extremely healthy because it was the only way I could get through my days.”

Well, we’re glad you’ve been diagnosed and on your way back from the brink. We’re sorry you had to go through any of this! How terrible!!

Luckily, lyme disease seems to be one of those things science knows a lot about, so we hope you’ll be back to normal soon. We wonder how you got it!

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2 Responses to Real Housewives’ Yolanda Foster Is Battling Chronic Lyme Disease!

  1. Sandra Collins says:

    Where does someone with Lyme go for best treatment in Florida or Louisiana?

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Sandra –

      We are not supposed to recommend doctors due to personal liability but I can tell you that If I lived in Florida I would go to Sponaugle Wellness center in Tampa or Dr. Schaller in the same area. See my latest post to read an article by Dr. Sponaugle about Bartonella – he is also known for successfully treating neurological Lyme.

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