Protect Your Home From Lyme – Treat Mice With Cotton Balls

Protect Your Home From Lyme – Treat Mice With Cotton Balls

Mice love cotton balls. They take the cotton to line their globes (nests) quicker than anyone would believe. A company called Damminix has created a wonderful product (if you haven’t  already heard about it) called “Tick Tubes” which are essentially cotton balls covered with …


… “Tick Tubes” which are essentially cotton balls covered with Permethrin ( a chemical used in equine bug spray). The mice carry the soft calls into their nests where the chemical kills hundreds and hundreds of ticks breaking the cycle of tick population growth and effectively reducing the risk of exposure to Lyme disease by up to 97%.

You can make these tasty mice treats at home by either spraying cotton balls with equine bug spay that lists Permethrin as an active ingredient, and/or buying some rotenone powder.

Take two ounces and dissolve in a gallon of water. Now take cotton balls, dunk them into the rotenone solution, and use tongs to place the soaked cotton balls at the end of your gardens, plantings, trees and wildlife edges. I suggest you do this at dusk to try to make sure your dog or cat can’t play with the cotton balls. In the morning, take a look at where you cotton balls were. Just about all will be gone.

Now the rotenone soaked cotton kills the ticks on the mice as the mice sleep away. Keeping the ticks off mice will protect you far better than shooting neighborhood deer.

Not only that, but some people don’t realize that although deer carry huge number of ticks over great distances spreading Lyme geographically, research has shown that more infected ticks are produced by “reservoir animals” (animals that actually infect ticks with the disease – deer do not) such as small animals like squirrels, chipmunks and most especially – 75% of Lyme is projected to be infected into ticks from common white footed mice.

According to “Gardeners Plant Problem Solver” :  “This concept is certainly attractive in that it is environmentally very specific and safe. Tests on Long Island, NY have shown that Damminix will reduce the number of infected deer ticks by more than 90% year after year.” and;

says: ”Sprays have little effect on ticks, since ticks prefer areas that are dark and moist, it is difficult to actually get the chemical on the ticks. Not to mention most chemicals that kill ticks, harm wildlife as well. Damminix tick tubes can reach and kill deer ticks, before they are infected with the disease.”

For more information on keeping ticks out of your yard and home read:

Originally posted December 2, 2011

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