Presenters at Lyme Forum in NY Delivers New Info and Commitment

Presenters at Lyme Forum in NY Delivers New Info and Commitment

Skidmore College hosted LymeNextForum took place on May 21, 2012 at in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Here are video links and the news as reported by Channel 13: Posted at: 05/21/2012 4:53 PM | Updated at: 05/21/2012 5:51 PM
By: Mark Mulholland

Saratoga Springs Forum Focuses on Public Health Crisis

SARATOGA SPRINGS – What health topic could draw more than five-hundred people on a warm spring weekday?

It’s not cancer or heart disease, but the maladies caused by a tiny insect.

A forum on Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses filled an auditorium at Skidmore College Monday.

Experts in the fields of preventing and treating the disease shared their message with a standing room only crowd.

First discovered in 1983 and named after a group of children in Lyme, CT, who had it. The disease, which is carried by ticks, has been spreading like wildfire.

“We’re talking about three million people in New York State that have undiagnosed, untreated Lyme Disease,” said Professor Holly Ahearn. a molecular biologist from SUNY Adirondack.

The disease is so prevalent, especially in upstate New York, Congressman Chris Gibson chaired this forum to figure out how to address what organizers call a public health crisis.

“We don’t even capture half of the cases of Lyme Disease. We’ve got to do better than this. And we need to put a focus on this,” said Gibson.

Many in the room have Lyme or a loved one who does. One of the organizers, Christina Fisk, has a daughter who was diagnosed ten years ago. The symptoms are so many and so wide ranging, it is difficult to diagnose—things like headache, joint pain, abdominal pain and fatigue.

Every single parent dealing with ill children and every single patient wants an answer. We’re kind of tired of it,” said Fisk.

Here are the links to the Skidmore videos from a presentation on Lyme disease and co-infections, including time index for location of each speaker (use your mouse to slide the timer to the indicated time):

@ 25:00 Rep. Chris Gibson, US Congress 27th District, NY
@ 31:00 Pamela Weintraub, Author of “Cure Unknown”
@ 1:11:39 Holly Ahern, Microbiologist, Lyme Mother, “A Tale of Two Lymes”
@ 1:43 Lorraine Johnson, Esq., CEO, Board Member ILADS, “The Cost of Chronic Lyme”

@ 20:28 “Leah” Lyme and Babesia patient of Dr. Richard Horowitz (Friends and Family should watch!)
@ 23:50 Dr. Richard Horowitz “Multi-Systemetic Infectious Disease Syndrome” (A MUST SEE!)

@10:45 Dr. Daniel Cameron, MD, MPH Former President of ILADS, Beth Israel Medical Center, Mt. Sinai Hospital. ”Obstacles and Solutions for Tick-borne Diseases”
@ 45:24 Dr. David Lieby, MS, PhD ”Challenges of Tick-borne Illness Detection” (Very informative if you are interested in learning more about current and future tests for LD)
@1:46:45 Dr. Kenneth Liegner “A Leading Warrior in Lyme” (VERY GOOD and a MUST SEE for EVERYONE)

Conclusion by Rep. Chris Gibson

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