Please Sign Petition to President Regarding Chronic Lyme Disease

Please Sign Petition to President Regarding Chronic Lyme Disease

The petition is as follows:

“Chronic Lyme Disease has reached epidemic proportions. It is the great imitator, fooling doctors into treating patients for other diseases such as Chronic Fatigue, MS, Heart Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psychiatric Illness, ALS, etc. Yet, according to the CDC, it “does not exist”.

“It has been clinically diagnosed in every state and touches many issues including Climate Change. As sufferers of the disease and its surrounding politics, we urgently request:

  1. Legislation Expanding the Definition of Lyme Disease to Cover Chronic Lyme and Co-infections
  2. Increased Funding for Research into Chronic Lyme Disease and Co-infections
  3. Improved Testing
  4. Educating MDs & Public re: Symptoms and Treatment

“The US can become a leader in this global issue. The American people need your help.”

Sign at link below:

Make sure you verify your signature by clicking on the link in your inbox, otherwise your name will not be added. We need 100,000 signatures!

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8 Responses to Please Sign Petition to President Regarding Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. Matt Hanekamp says:

    Please help us fight this difficult disease and stop the political denial of this illness. People are very sick and we need your help


    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hey Matt –

      Perhaps you misread the petition. It is for the very reason you are writing about – to support those of us who suffer from chronic Lyme disease.

      Be well,

  2. Oliver O. Price, Jr. says:

    If you think it doesn’t exist, I am hear to tell you, it does. I witness it every day because my wife has it. As for me, I am classified as a carrier.

  3. Sandra Pierpoint says:

    ITIt is about time our medical community recognizes the fact that so many are suffering from chronic Lyme Disease, acknowledges it , and they quit treating us like we are crazy for thinking we have a disease. I hope they will really try to find something that kills this bacteria ,so we can get our life back again.

  4. windy mauga says:

    Our government has long over looked the association of “vector borne diseases” manifesting as auto immune conditions; Of which there are 100’s. Mental illness is blamed for diseases that ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, as well as other arachnids and insects inflict on people all over the world. Lyme’s disease is a horrific disease to determine. It is a great imitator and more times than naught it is pushed aside as a diagnoses to an easier to explain auto immunity disease. Health care worker education with proper decisive testing needs to be brought to the technological forefront with research funding upgraded to battle this spirochete enemy that needs immediate intervention. I feel as though my parents suffered from tick bites and their associated ills and it was genetically passed on to me and my family. I get a triple whammy due to being spider as well as tick bitten. No matter how careful or how much insect repellant one uses vectors are still lurking to get a blood meal from any host. Even my husband’s family in American Samoa deal daily with malaria and it’s co-infections. We need the CDC and Infectious Disease Society to come together with those of us who struggle to live with Lyme and these co-related demons and get totally united as a people to systematically annihilate the VBD’s. Help Us Help Each Other! A Healthy Populous Is a Strong, Prospering Community……..not the wasting disease i am afflicted with……

  5. Joseph Bieliunas says:

    Lyme disease needs to be addressed. Too many people suffering from Lyme disease.

  6. Stephanie says:

    After clicking the link to the petition, it shows a status of archived due to not enough signatures. How may we address this to promote the need for this?

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