Please Sign New Petition for Congress to investigate CDC, IDSA, and ALDF Regarding Chronic Lyme Disease

Please Sign New Petition for Congress to investigate CDC, IDSA, and ALDF Regarding Chronic Lyme Disease

Many are frustrated regarding the perceived inability of each of us individually to do anything meaningful to help thwart the completely unacceptable stand-off within the medical community.  This stand-oThird which creates a barrier to proper care for this painful and disabling disease, and ultimately adds fuel to the raging epidemic.

Well now there are some things you can do.  First, sign the following petition.

There are over 13,000 signatures as I write this with only 1658 signatures needed!

Note: If you follow the links included in the section below (taken from Change.Org courtesy of Carl Tuttle, Hudson, New Hampshire), you will find cause for encouragment with the current legislation being promoted in the Northeast.

This is a partial list of legislation being proposed across the country as chronic Lyme disease is no longer a regional health concern.

We are experiencing a health crisis here in New Hampshire and across the country with the growing epidemic of Lyme disease. A number of legislators have personally been affected and have introduced legislation to address this problem. Here are just a few recent examples. 


Representative David Linsky: “The occurrence of Lyme disease has reached near epidemic proportions in Massachusetts. Virtually every family in Massachusetts has been affected by Lyme disease in some way. Lyme disease is a public health crisis in the Commonwealth.” Read more…

Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York

Senator Richard Blumenthal: “Today for me culminates more than a decade of work and probably a decade more, because I’ve seen firsthand the devastating, absolutely unacceptable damage done by Lyme disease to individual human beings, Connecticut children and residents whose lives have been changed forever as a result of Lyme disease” Read more….

New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Congressman Chris Smith: “It seems everywhere I go, someone comes up to me to talk about how Lyme disease has severely impacted their lives or someone they know,” Read more…

I found this petition after reading one, Christina Boudras, of the hundreds [591 personal stories as of this writing!] of personal stories submitted online after the preview for the upcoming Katie Couric interview on chronic Lyme disease which airs tomorrow: October 9, 2013.

Secondly, follow this link to see the Katie Couric preview, read about fellow Lyme sufferers, and submit YOUR story!

Thirdly, sign the following petition to President Obabma asking for the repeal of the 2-tier test:

Keep the faith – you are not alone and together we can bring about change.  If not for us, perhaps for our children and/or grandchildren!

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