People Are Dying From Lyme Who Don’t Know They Have It

People Are Dying From Lyme Who Don't Know They Have It

Yes, it is true. 

Three people between the ages of 26 and 38 died from Lyme induced heart attacks between November 2012 and July of 2013 in New England (NY, CT and MA) who didn’t even know they had Lyme disease.

These fatalities caused by Lyme disease would never have been discovered whout the experienced New England pathologist  Dr. Thadeus Schulz who worked at Cryolife ( a medical device company in Georgia that processes tissue and provides heart valves and patches for cardiac surgery), and happened to notice that one of the hearts had an unusual pattern of inflammation around blood vessels in the heart that was similar to features he had seen in biopsies from people with Lyme disease in New York.

Dr. Schulz showed his boss, Dr. Gregory Ray, and together they soon found two other hearts with similar distinction. The three hearts were infected with Borrelia.

How many heart attacks are being caused by Lyme disease and being attributed to something else?

2,200 people die every day in the US from heart disease according to US Department of Health and Human Services. That is 800,000 people every year or 1 in 3 deaths (including accidents and war.)

Certainly if this many people are dying from heart attacks, it should be a federal mandate to examine hearts for Lyme disease to be proactive with the most fatal aspect of Lyme disease (besides suicide).

A fourth Lyme induced death was thankfully avoided by a 17 year old boy who went to the ER after experiencing chest discomfort. It is to the young man’s credit (or his parents) that the matter was pursued and he was later diagnosed with complete atrioventricular block due to lyme carditis which required immediate surgery and the placement of a pacemaker. He was treated with IV Rocephin and appears to be recovered at this time.

So, the disease that is supposed to be “hard to catch and easy to cure” is actually infecting people and spreading through their bodies in such a stealthy manner that the infected person may feel a general sense of malaise but would not actually be sick enough to go to the doctor.

I remember the Harvard teaching MD (Infectious Disease Expert) from Beth Israel Hospital who told me that if everyone who showed antibodies to Lyme disease were actually infected with Lyme, that 50% of the people on the cape (Cape Cod) would be infected with Lyme disease, and that was nine years ago. I would venture to say that the Nobel Laureate who studied Borrelia along with many other infectious diseases believed that 99% of the world was infected and that due to the slow growth of the disease that as immune systems wore down and people aged that symptoms were attributed to early dementia, alzheimer’s, arthritis, fibromyalgia, flu and just normal slow down from aging.

Without everyone being tested with a 100% reliable test we will never know, however, these recent deaths send a dire message from the grave.

It is up to you, the reader, to think about what this means to our country and global civilization.


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