Parasite Infestations Can Mimic Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease

Parasite Infestations Can Mimic Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Lyme disease is the “Great Imitator”, as most of us know (especially for the poor souls who have been misdiagnosed and treated with the wrong medicine (such as steroids for joint pain – the worst treatment possible for Lyme!)

When I think of the quantities of sushi I have eaten over the years, and the time spent in barns and riding horse (where you are exposed to the very worms that we treat horses routinely for) I can see where I could easily have a wide range of parasites – many benign, but they still offer a hide-out for Borrelia to avoid any killing protocol we try.

Possible signs and symptoms of internal parasites:

  • Feel tired most of the time (Chronic Fatigue)?
  • Have digestive problems? (gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea that come and go but never really clear up)
  • Have gastrointestinal symptoms and bulky stools with excess fat in feces?
  • Suffer with food sensitivities and environmental intolerance?
  • Developed allergic-like reactions and can’t understand why?
  • Have joint and muscle pains and inflammation often assumed to be arthritis?
  • Suffer with anemia or iron deficiency (pernicious anemia)?
  • Have hives, rashes, weeping eczema, cutaneous ulcers, swelling, sores, papular lesions, itchy dermatitis?
  • Suffer with restlessness and anxiety?
  • Experience multiple awakenings during the night particularly between 2 and 3 am?
  • Grind your teeth?
  • Have an excessive amount of bacterial or viral infections?
  • Depressed?
  • Difficulty gaining or losing weight no matter what you do?
  • Did a Candida program which either didn’t help at all or helped somewhat but you still can’t stay away from bread, alcohol, fruit, or fruit juices?
  • Just can’t figure out why you don’t feel really great and neither can your doctor?
  • itchy ears, nose, anus
  • forgetfulness, slow reflexes, gas and bloating, unclear thinking;
  • loss of appetite, yellowish face
  • fast heartbeat, heart pain, pain in the navel;
  • eating more than normal but still feeling hungry;
  • pain in the back, thighs, shoulders;
  • lethargy;
  • numb hands;
  • burning sensation in the stomach;
  • drooling while sleeping;
  • damp lips at night, dry lips during the day, grinding teeth while asleep;
  • bed wetting;
  • women: problems with the menstrual cycle;
  • men: sexual dysfunction;

If you suspect you have parasites, one treatment will not be enough because of the  more than 1000 known parasites, many they reproduce by laying eggs which will not be affected by any parasitic cleanse.

I used Scram – three bottles with a 2 week break between bottles which is included in the full detox program I highly recommend. It includes a Liver Cleanse which all of us need to boost our liver function as it tries to keep up with processing the endotoxins that are created when we kill the spirochetes in our body.

All the wonderful supplements we take actually feeds any parasitic infection we have – even if it is benign, which keeps those hiding places available to the Borrelia and adds to the chronic nature of our disease. A very interesting video to watch on this subject is

Parasites draw all the energy from us, and we take as much B12 as we can handle hoping to restore our energy, when this also feeds parasitic worms.

And beware – watch for your children who may play in a sandbox – if a dog or cat with worms and/or bacteria defecate in the sandbox, the worms will last for 5 years before they are non-infectious!

Important websites with more information and treatmont protocols: Did you know that flat worms can break apart, and every section has 200,000 eggs so they must be flushed as soon as possible – the flat worm can migrate to the brain and cause terrible damage. – excellent information on making your own cleanse and further resources on the importance of detox while fighting a chronic illness – especuaially chronic Lyme disease. – excellent article with specific instructions on a natural detox method.

NOTE: You are in a high risk category if you love sushi as I do – in fact I only eat vegetable sushi and tempura sushi where the seafood is cooked to protect myself from new infestations of parasites (not to mention the high metal content in seafood. 

For more information:

Only look at this if you have a strong stomach – but remember, a parasite

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2 Responses to Parasite Infestations Can Mimic Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. Julie says:

    Something important was recently pointed out to me about sushi. Even If you only order the well-cooked stuff, they are highly likely using the same knives and surfaces that may be contaminated.

  2. Charity E. says:

    Thank you for writing this! After two years of being deathly ill and being erroneously diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I started detoxing and taking antimicrobial essential oils. Ta da! Tiny worms started coming out of lesions on my skin. Since many parasites come from human feces, I began questioning the quality of our public water supply. Water companies do not test for parasites. Parasites are resistant to chlorine. The state of TN (where I live) labs do not have the technology to test water for parasites. This is alarming! I bought an inexpensive microscope and have photos of microorganisms I’ve pulled from tap water samples. I’m still searching for an independent lab that will test my tap water for parasites. Many people are coming forward with symptoms like mine or other confirmed parasitic infections. I’m determined to raise awareness about these parasites and the horrific diseases (especially Neglected Tropical Diseases) they cause. America is NOT exempt. “What’s in your water?”

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