Original Rife Machine for Chronic Lyme Disease

Original Rife Machine for Chronic Lyme Disease

Dr. Rife claimed back in the 1930’s that his technology would successfully kill thousands of cultures of organisms, including almost all kinds of disease known to mankind.

Organisms from tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, the tumor resembling cancer but not so mortal as it; streptococcus infection, typhoid fever, staphylococcus infection and two forms of leprosy were among many which the scientist reported are killed by the waves. He said that his laboratory experiments indicated that the method could be used successfully and safely, in organisms at work in living tissues.

There are reports of successful treatment of Lyme disease using a variety of machines created using the general premise of Dr. Rife’s discoveries, but there are also people who have gone to jail for making false claims and selling machines that didn’t do anything.

Rife is said to have built his first microscope in 1921 and later, after much research and work on microscope optics and light sources. He patented a high-intensity lamp for microscope use in 1929 (Patent #1727618).

In tests using B. coli (bacillus coli) Rife found that the bacteria, if exposed to radio-frequency energy at certain frequencies, would “deactivate”, or die. Later testing showed the same results with other samples of B. Coli at the same frequencies. Rife needed a means of seeing even smaller pathogens, even down to the virus size if possible, and set out to examine microscope optics and the factors which limit the standard optical microscope to magnifications of between 1000 and 1500 times magnification – the “Fraunhofer Diffraction Limit”.

Rife found a means to building a microscope with a very long optical path with specially-ground quartz prisms in the barrel of his microscope. In addition, he determined that white light, which contains all wavelengths of visible light, was not suitable for high-magnification optics, and used a “Risley” prism between his light source and the sample, thus illuminating the sample with a single frequency of monochromatic light (very similar to high-definition research microscopes of today which use lasers).

Rife built his first known microscope, “Number 1” in 1920 on an optical bench similar to a lathe bed. Microscope #2 was similar in construction, but built in 1923 in a vertical format similar to a standard microscope. #2 was sent to Northwestern University for Dr. Arthur Kendalla’s use, apparently for some time in the 1932 time-frame. Unit #3, built in 1933 and shown above on the right, was the “Universal Microscope” which had provisions for polarized, bright field, dark field, infrared and ultraviolet imaging. #3 was the unit which is talked about so much, since it is the unit which Rife used to examine live virus samples. Microscope #4, which had no polarizing stage, but offered magnifications up to 15,000 times, was built in 1935, and appears to have been an early version of a much more simple Universal Microscope which Rife hoped to find a manufacturer for.

Rife commented in one of his letters that #4 had been built at the request of a manufacturer, but he does not say who that might have been. In papers from England in the 1938 period, it is mentioned that #4 had been sent to England, and a technician working for Rife went there to help install it. Later it is mentioned that #4 was sent back to Rife (in 1939), and at some point a newer #5 microscope is sent. #5, built about 1938, is currently in the Science Museum in London, England, and while it is not available for normal viewing, groups of researchers have been able to closely examine it, and a videotape of it was made in 1999.

Click here for the complete history of Dr. Rife, and for more informationhttp://www.rife.org/.

Today there is a portable machine called the BCX Ultra Rife made by Systems Unlimited, that utilizes all of the science behind the original Rife machine relying on the “wave” technology and “gating” which were essential according to Dr. Rife. To help understand the science that is supposed to destroy Borrelia burgdorferi and just about any other infection known too man (according to Rife), I have tried to summarize the technical aspects here.

So the generator uses waves…

WAVE FORMS:You can use square wave for killing pathogens and can use sine wave for regeneration and healing. (The BTX Ultra has many other wave forms to choose from for experimentation.)

CARRIER WAVES: The Ultra has a basic carrier wave that is preset at about 45,000 Hz for the glass tubes. The carrier waves to choose from for the rest of the electrodes 1Hz to 4.00 MHz (4,000,000 Hz).

The Ultra has a carrier frequency that penetrates deeper and farther. It has been shown in scientific studies on bioelectric impedance analysis in the body that audio frequencies will enter the body but only travel in the connective tissue around cells.

Studies also show the closer to 1 megahertz the greater the penetration into the cells. Because of this Dr. Rife always used a carrier frequency in the MGz range so the frequency could enter the body and cells where the microbes are located.

The Rife machines of today are required by the FDA to be called “Frequency Generator”. For those who don’t understand the technology, the wide number of machines (all claiming to be “Rife” machines and the wide range of cost creates confusion to the consumer – especially the consumer with “Lyme Fog”.   Perhaps a better way to understand the frequencies are to think of them as sound – or “harmonic”

HARMONICS” are all of those Sinewaves of different frequencies that make up a complex waveform, such as Triangle, Square, and all others. Here is a list of “Harmonic Content” of the Power waveforms generated by the BTX Ultra.


The “1st” Harmonic is the actual fundamental frequency itself. The 2nd Harmonic is a frequency that is twice as large as the fundamental frequency. The “3rd” Harmonic is a frequency that is 3 times as large as the fundamental frequency, and so on.

Example: For a Frequency of 100 Hz, the 2nd Harmonic is 200 Hz; the 3rd Harmonic is 300 Hz.

A 100 Hz Triangle waveform is created by adding together 99% of a 100 Hz Sinewave with 1% of a 300 Hz Sinewave.

“PHASE” describes the relationship of the starting points of each Harmonic in time. Different phases will result in different looking waveforms, but will not change the amounts or ratios of power delivered for each Harmonic.

Different Waveforms are created with equal Peak to Peak values (lowest point to the highest point). However, equal Peak to Peak values does not translate to equal power delivered. Different waveforms (with equal Peak to Peak values) deliver different amounts of power.

This Table shows the relative power of different waveforms.

In other words, at equal intensity settings, a Squarewave will deliver 3 times more power than a Triangle Wave. Or, using a Squarewave with the intensity setting at 33% delivers the same amount of power as using a Triangle wave with the intensity set at 100%.

Example: The BCX Ultra is capable of generating 3 simultaneous “Arbitrary” waveforms. Arbitrary waveforms are computer generated and are not restricted to electronic signals, such as Sine and Squarewave. Because the waveforms are arbitrary, any combination of Harmonics in any ratio and phase is possible. Any Arbitrary waveform can be used for each of the 3 Ultra waveforms.

GATING: “Gate” or “Pulse” is the terms used for the first Ultra waveform. These terms are used because they are common to this industry, but the Ultra has much greater capability in this area, and the correct term should be “Modulate”. Modulating the waveform increases and decreases the intensity of the Output following the pattern of the selected Arbitrary waveform. Common Gating or Pulsing cannot do this- it can only turn the signal on and off.

The reason I have always promoted the GB4000 is that it offers the capability of much higher frequencies and many, many more. Of course the frustration from users is to find the correct frequency from thousands and then once you find it, how long do you run the machine at that frequency? So a computer-run sweep made a LOT of sense to me.

However, it turns out that the higher frequencies don’t do a thing!

The premise of many so called “RIFE” machines is their claim that they can directly generate the highest Rife frequencies electrically through conduction rather than by means of a ray tube. Although they can generate the frequencies constructively, their system does NOT deliver the same types of energies. Ray tubes deliver a broad spectrum of energies, ranging from infrared, to electromagnetic fields, to electrostatic fields, to conductive electron flow (plain old electricity), to light in the visible spectrum and beyond. The only energy most “Rife machines” deliver is plain old electricity.

Although the manufacturers of “Rife type” devices attempt to argue otherwise, it is categorically true that “Skin Effect” prevents high frequency electron flow (plain old electricity) from penetrating deeply into ANY electrically conductive material. The higher the frequency, the shallower the penetration. At frequencies above 1MHz, skin effect will limit penetration to a fraction of an inch.

A serious problem with many so called “RIFE” machines is poor Square wave signal quality. A Square wave generates a predictable series of odd order harmonic frequencies with an accurate energy balance. The closer the Square wave is to perfect, the more accurate the harmonics are. Low Rise and fall time is the most difficult element to achieve in a Square wave. A perfect Square wave has a rise time of zero, so the lower the rise and fall is, the better the Square wave and thus the harmonics are.

The proof is in the pudding, right? The company that produces GB4000 has continued to work on making their unit as close to the original unit while taking advantage of modern technology.  Unfortunately “Rife Machine” has come to mean “frequency generator” which could be a waste of money and not remotely strong enough to hit the correct frequencies with the right wave technology.

Future Tech sells the GB4000 unit that now comes with the MOPA vacuum tube – a critical component to make the machine a true “Rife” machine.  For more information see Future Tech here.

The BCX Ultra rife machine has a carrier frequency that penetrates deeper and farther. It has been shown in scientific studies on bioelectric impedance analysis in the body that audio frequencies will enter the body but only travel in the connective tissue around cells. Studies also show the closer to 1 megahertz the greater the penetration into the cells. Because of this Dr. Rife always used a carrier frequency in the MHz range so the frequency could enter the body and cells where the microbes are located.  The BCX ULTRA Rife has the ability to produce a 1MHz carrier frequency for better penetration deep into cells where the microbes live.   Dr. Rife stated, “ Now the spikes that you see on the frequencies are the lethal part that kill and devitalize the virus. They are the resonant peaks of the frequencies which increase the voltage to a very high potential which the cells of the virus wall can not tolerate and they break up into many pieces and are destroyed.” This statement is according to John Crane who worked with Dr. Royal Rife.  

But for the BCX Ultra Rife – the closest machine to his original technology, Amazon has the best deal. Click here to see.

To compare these two machines click here, s although the comparison DOES NOT include the MOPA tube with the GB4000 which makes the two machines much more similar.

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5 Responses to Original Rife Machine for Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. Laurie Corbeil says:

    I have a question…I have Lyme disease. When I am in a fairly strong radio frequency field, such as a few blocks from a cell tower, or near someone with a DECT cordless phone I immediately begin to feel nauseous and get a headache. Could it be that the frequencies from these sources are triggering a potential threat to the pathogens? If so, I wonder, what frequency would kill off the Lyme bacteria and co-infection pathogens? Any ideas? Thanks:)

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Our bodies are electric (read Dr. Becker’s book “The Body Electric) and there are Frequency generators that work on the principal you are alluding to and the both are excellent tools for killing spirochetes. You can find a list of bacteria/virus frequencies on my main website http://lymediseaseresouce.com.


  2. Robin says:

    Can the GB4000 cure other infections ie PID but not due to std. I’v had this for 2 months now and the antibiotics cause me to have adverse effects.I’ve also tried ozone but I don’t think that works. please help!!

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Robin –

      Most people who recover do so using antibiotics but the herxheimer reaction is extremely brutal – especially when you first start! Don’t give up if you are getting the herx reaction it means you are successfully killing the Borrelia – if you feel nothing you are not getting rid of the bacteria.

      The good news is that the reaction gets less intense and shorter the longer you stay on a successful killing protocol. But you also need a biofilm busting protocol so you get rid of every spirochete. That is SO important (look at “Biofilm” page.)


  3. Naturalinda says:

    Great site, Jenna! Thank you for posting/sharing all this info on Rife machines and Lyme. I’ve been looking for years for the cause of my family’s seemingly unrelated problems and what ties them all together is Lyme. What a freaking horrible, life-destroying disease.

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