One Year Mark For Amy Scher – Her Battle with Lyme Disease

One Year Mark For Amy Scher – Her Battle with Lyme Disease

The details of how embryonic stem cells work are scientifically intricate and at the same time, a miracle. I have been playing tug of war with myself ever since I spoke with the doctor and found out she would accept me as a patient. How can I know this is the right thing? What if for some reason, it didn’t help? To get some personal insight into Amy’s courage is taken from her personal blog:

Well, I have found peace with one single answer to all my spinning worries. The only thing I know for sure is that if I don’t do this, I will regret it. If it doesn’t turn out how I hope, I will be ok. But, if I pass up opportunity in the face of fear, I will have betrayed the person I am so proud to be – the free spirit, a passionate soul, the granddaughter of a survivor who refused to die in the darkest of the world’s circumstances, and someone who was lucky to be raised with enough confidence to follow my heart halfway around the world beyond most people’s wildest imaginations.

There are many other posts that describe her entire journey. Her story continues here:

As I fell asleep last night, I realized it had been exactly one year since I boarded a plane with my parents, wobbly balance, in nearly unmanageable pain, destined for Delhi….and an entirely new life I didn’t know existed.

Today I woke up to the one year mark of my very first embryonic stem cell injection which was administered by Dr. Ashish Verma at Nu Tech Mediworld.

One year ago today, I met that man whom I respect whole-heartidly and have shared so many wonderful moments with since then. He became one of my all time favorite doctors and my friend in an instant.

One year ago today, Dr. Geeta Shroff walked into my hospital room and my life like an angel; a woman who has changed my world in so many ways, I cannot even count.

One year ago today, I became the first Chronic Lyme patient in the world to receive Dr. Geeta Shroff’s treatment, because I lived with the simple premise — “somebody

has to be first and that somebody might as well be me.” Sometimes now, I laugh, and think I was crazy (but the good kind).

One year today, I was not only injected with pure human embryonic stem cells, but I was given the amazing gift of lighting the way for others, hopefully making their road to wellness just a little less bumpy and a little more hopeful.

One year ago today, I fell in love with another country and its people; and was enveloped so tightly in its spirit, it has literally become part of me.

One year ago today, my body stopped dying, and re-started the process of living.

On this one year anniversary of sorts, I am ironically scheduled to speak to a small group at Stanford about my experience. I don’t ever prepare for these kinds of talks, although I usually have a few things I know I want to say.

I want them to know how I used to be; how it hurt to step on my own two feet, how my balance was so bad that I tripped and fell, how my joints were so swollen and painful that even resting on them at night was misery, how I was losing bladder control. And how at 28 years old, I was silently scared I would live through this disease and suffer forever, even though I never lost sight of trying to get well.

But right now, just hours before I am set to speak, everything in my past seems so hard to accurately convey.

If you are anything like I am, you are willing to do just about anything to recover your health and rid your body of Lyme.

Well, before you bombard Amy with questions about the details of getting into the program, first read the following which was taken with permission from Healthcare Hacks Forum:

There are some questions I get repeatedly, so I will post them with their answers here.

Q: How long would I have to go to India for?

A: Usually two to three months.

Q: Can I go alone?

A: You are required to bring a caregiver/friend/spouse even if you do not require

one at home. This person sleeps on a fold-out bed in your room.

Q: How much does the treatment cost?

A: It varies depending on the patient’s condition, how long they need to stay, etc. But I believe it is approximately $40,000 for two months, which includes room and board (food for the patient and one caregiver, treatment, the hospital room, etc.). I think additional months are about $15k if you need to stay. All testing that is needed like blood work, or any medication like antibiotics will be extra (although usually minimal).

Q:What is the first step in getting accepted for treatment?

A: First, contact a patient to talk/e-mail with them about what the treatment entails. You can contact me, or find other patient blogs at this link:

If you are really serious about going, then e-mail a complete medical history and timeline to Dr. Geeta Shroff for consideration:

This e-mail should include a summary of your condition, timeline as to when it started with your symptom list, the treatments/therapies you have tried, medications you are on and have been on in the past, and all relevant test results (blood work, MRI’s, X-rays). If you have them digitally, attach them. If not, list the test and result with a note telling Dr. Shroff they are available upon request. In the e-mail, ask her the cost, duration of your stay and date you could go, if you should be approved.

Once you do this, give her a couple of weeks to get back to you (she gets an overwhelming amount of e-mails a day and also runs each case by her ethics committee for approval).

Q: How long does the treatment take to work?

A: Some results can be seen almost immediately, but it takes the cells up to 5 years to reach their 

as part of their treatment protocol (a bad injury or illness that has been there for a long time is going to need more extensive treatment).

There is only one thing I can think of to tell you that could even come close to helping you understand my long journey.

I wish you would have known me one year ago today.

(originally posted October 1, 2011)



full capacity for functionality (so you can expect to see results long after you go home). I think almost everyone sees improvement while they are there though. Patients often have to go back for booster series, or return visits

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