Olympic Hopeful Gets Lyme Disease

Olympic Hopeful Gets Lyme Disease

Hannah, an amazing young woman with a dream to play professional ice hockey with her sights set on the Olympics. It all came crashing down for her when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and had to battle fatigue, joint pain and depression.

After she fell ill, she went from doctor to doctor looking for answers to all of her symptoms and getting progressively more depressed as she watched her life fall apart around her and getting no answers.

This is a familiar story for those of us with this illness.

We are used to enjoying good health and many times ignore the early warning signs.

Thankfully Hannah’s mother was smart and determined. She searched online and began to believe that Hannah suffered from Lyme disease. This enabled her to find a Lyme-literate doctor and she eventually decided to take Hannah to Envita Treatment Center to focus on recovery, and now Hanna is back on the ice.

After treatment, Hannah revealed: “It has been a complete 180 for me. I have energy, I am happy again, my joint pain is gone. My hair is growing back; my hormones are back in place. If I didn’t have the great staff you guys gave me and great environment and medicine I don’t think mentally and physically I would be here.”

Envita, and other treatment centers treat many athletes that have been impacted by Lyme disease and other chronic/autoimmune conditions.  According to a recent press release, Envita’s treatment goal is to not only help with mental and neurological symptoms but to increase physical health as well, many of these athletes, just like Hannah have gotten well again.

Others don’t have the financial resources  and are not so lucky.

Does the following sound familiar?

“I used to think I had allergies, because I used to feel feverish.  I’d take my temperature and sometimes it would be below normal; sometimes it would be a little above normal.  And I remember thinking it was a little strange, but I thought that fever-type feeling was just my body reacting to allergies…” (Daryl Hall – link to article is below).

Some of the most famous people who are still struggling with chronic Lyme disease are  rock star Daryl Hall, author Amy Tan,and actress Yolanda Foster.

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2 Responses to Olympic Hopeful Gets Lyme Disease

  1. Jane says:

    What are other treatment centers lik Envita that treat athletes that have been impacted by Lyme disease and other chronic/autoimmune conditions?

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Jane – there is a very effective clinic in Clearwater Beach, FL (Sponaugle’s Center) but these centers are very expensive. What is so hard for athletes of that caliber is the toll aerobic activity takes on a body struggling with infection. I know people have done it successfully but it is much harder…typically heavy exertion brings on a relapse –

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