No Such Thing As False Positive Lyme Test

No Such Thing As False Positive Lyme Test

Great news for chronic Lyme sufferers! A new test has been developed using blood cultures that is ACCURATE diagnosing Lyme disease (see

A new testing service from Advanced Laboratory Services evaluates the blood using darkfield microscropy after a ten to fourteen day incubation.  If the patient is symptomatic and nothing shows up after two weeks incubation, the sample is placed in a two month incubation period (so far less than half of the samples require more than two weeks to show evidence of Borrelia.

But one of the fascinating side benefits of this test is the ability to re-test many so called “false positive” antibody blood tests including samples from Igenex that when incubated show evidence of actual Borrelia.  This blows a killing hole in the current ship of of tenacious thought that all these positive results from Igenex must be false positive even though the sample come from people who are suffering from clear symptoms of chronic Lyme disease.  Of course it has taken almost 40 years for the doctors in power at the IDSA to even consider the rapidly mounting and obviously glaring evidence that chronic Lyme disease not only exists but is far more widespread than ever thought before.

Advanced Laboratory Services is available in all 50 states excluding New York and (go figure!)

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