New Treatment – Prevent Lyme

New Treatment - Prevent Lyme

Fantastic news regarding Lyme prevention this week – the Medical University of Vienna along with partners have developed a antibiotic gel (azithromycin) which combats Lyme disease if used within 72 hours of being bitten.The gel needs to be re-applied every twelve hours over three days, but is safe and effective – even for children.

Vienna’s partners included Medical University of Graz (Department of Dermatology), the Medical University of Innsbruck (Department of Dermatology and Venerology), the Elisabethinen Hospital in Linz and the Center for Travel Medicine in St. Pölten. Other study partners come from Germany (Berlin, Würzburg) and Switzerland (Zürich).

A total of 1,000 patients with fresh tick bites were treated with the antibiotic gel within 72 hours of being bitten. Says Jilma: “None of the test subjects went on to develop Lyme borreliosis.” Conversely, in the control group that received a placebo, there were seven cases of borreliosis.

The study has now been published in the world-leading journal “The Lancet Infectious Diseases” – read entire study here.

Note that not all antibiotic creams or gels are effective.  There was another study done recently that showed a topical treatment of Doxycyclin was NOT effective. The study was conducted with mice using a 4% solution.

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