New Research from Yale on Cure for Lyme Co-infection Babesia

New Research from Yale on Cure for Lyme Co-infection Babesia

Babesiosis has been increasing. Up to 19 percent of ticks that carry the Lyme disease bacteria also carry the babesiosis parasite. The same is true of up to 42 percent of mice and other rodents.

Although treatment for Babesia is much more straightforward than for Lyme disease (usually a 4 month course of Mepron completely eradicates the disease), a combination of both Lyme disease and Babesia is notoriously complicated to treat.

However, apparently babesiosis (which is a parasite that attacks red blood cells) can mutate and become resistant to treatment.

Recently (June 6, 2016)  The Journal of Experimental Medicine published a new study online that shows a combination of drugs are more effective treating Babesia – at least in mice.

Treating a parasite like Babesia is slightly different than treating a bacterial infection. Rather than an antibiotic which halts bacteria replication and destroys cell structure, treatment for Babesia targets enzymes.

According to Outbreak News Today“…the researchers found that the combination of atovaquone and ELQ-334, at low doses, cleared the infection and prevented recurrence up to 122 days after treatment.”

“This is the first radical cure against this parasite,” said Choukri Ben Mamoun, associate professor of infectious diseases. “The novelty of the study was identifying a combination therapy that will both kill the parasite and also paralyze the target enzyme, making it nearly impossible for the parasite to develop resistance.”

This is a big first step in finding a reliable treatment to this growing disease.


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4 Responses to New Research from Yale on Cure for Lyme Co-infection Babesia

  1. tessa mccall says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. I tested positive for babesiosis and CDC positive for lyme. Since 2008 when I was diagnosed with this main stream medicine has always touted this in the same category as lyme (completely curable in 3 weeks times). Now I find out this is not true. So discouraging. I am amazed at the inaccuracies that has followed all tick borne illnesses. So sad for the families afflicted.

  2. Tara says:

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease by Amen Clinic in Rest on VA, 30 years after the fact, I spent one year with a Lyme literate Dr. for treatment that left me in unending stomach pain, 45 pound weight gain and constant yeast infections. I don’t go to Dr.’s anymore, I am trusting the Lord Jesus to guide me into all truth regarding daily living and releasing my faith to receive healing from Him. I believe, considering my history and the way my brain looks on scan, that I am already a walking miracle. Don’t discount the power of God and His unfailing love as primary treatment. This life is but a moment, eternity with Him is gain. Jesus loves you and I love you and I am praying for you, Ask Jesus into your heart and life, if you haven’t already, and we’ll be the first to be doing gymnastics for the Lord in Heaven. See you there! Never give up here 🙂

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