New Probe Shows Lyme As a Cause of Multiple Sclerosis Victims

New Probe Shows Lyme As a Cause of Multiple Sclerosis Victims

As many of you may know, The Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Pathology Research Foundation (Dr. Paul H. Duray MD Research Fellowship Endowment) has been founded by the tireless, semi-retired Lyme disease pathologist Dr. Alan MacDonald.

(Photo: Dr. MacDonald’s silver stain of spirochetes from the new website.)

Believe it or not, Dr. Gabriel Steiner discovered spirochetes in MS brains back in 1919 in Europe, and then published evidence in 1940 after escaping Nazi Germany, up until 1958 when he retired from the Michigan Multiple Sclerosis Center.

Dr. Lida Mattman was a close protege of Dr. Steiner and went on to study Borrelia for fifty years (with a focus on cell wall deficient pathogens) eventually publishing the text book “Stealth Pathogen”. She felt that these cell wall deficient invaders (such as Lyme disease) were the cause of many diseases that are still officially regarded as “cause unknown” including MS.

Dr. Duray was a colleague and friend to Dr. MacDonald, and one of the first to link Borrelia to Parkinsons disease. Dr. MacDonald first became interested in Borrelia due to his research into Parkinson’s disease which was the cause of his fathers death. Read here about Dr. MacDonald’s studies on Borrelia and Alzheimers.

Dr. MacDonald describes himself as retired, however he is actively mentoring young grad students and,other Borrelia researchers such as Dr. Eva Sapi at the University of New Haven’s Medical Center.

Dr. MacDonald is a true expert on Borrelia, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, due to his vast experience as a pathologist versus a practicing physician or other medical experts.  He looks at human tissue sample and validates the actual bacteria under a microscope, and he has also been studying this bacteria almost exclusively for 30 years.

Recently, Dr. MacDonald has developed two new molecular probes that can verify the presence of Borrelia more easily than past methods. 

Dr. MacDonald developed, manufactured and distributes the probes free of charge.  The probes have also been validated by international Borrelia specialty labs as being specific, sensitive, and reliable, both in fluid and tissue DNA extractions.

The first “Molecular Beacon DNA probes Fla B 740”  is now validated by investigators in the UK and in Long Island.  However, only B31 and select American strains like B31 react with this probe.

The second 740 DNA Beacon Probe tests the inner cell membrane DNA and is called “BB0 740”.  It has also been validated by colleagues in international borrelia research labs. This newer design casts a wider net and picks up additional borrelia strains, worldwide, including the European Strains, which might not react with the FlaB DNA probe.

So the two DNA probes used together will pick up all borrelia known to exist today other than  Miyamotoi strains, and relapsing fever group borrelia.

The DNA probes are 1000 x more sensitive than a PCR which needs nanogram amounts of target DNA to amplify, whereas Dr. MacDonald’s probes pick up picogram amounts of target DNA.

The planned research for will target Multiple Sclerosis using spinal fluids from the US, Europe, Russia, China, Scandinavia, South Africa, Canada, and Australia.

They will use the new DNA probes as 21st century “special stains” on slides from  Autopsy MS brains and attempt to grow Borrelia just as he did in 1986-1989  in  Southampton Hospital in Long Island NY. Tissue from MS autopsy brains will also be interrogated by the DNA probes in an “in situ DNA hybridization method.

Dr. MacDonald plans to next work on the development of DNA probes for Miyamotoi, and for other Relapsing Fever borrelia.

Much to be excited about.

Please let friends and family know about the Dr. Paul H. Duray MD Research foundation ( tax exempt 503c) to further this important research.

Dr Paul Duray died in October of 2012. He was a Pathologist and former Army Reserve doctor, and a member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Dr. Duray was a renowned expert on Lyme’s Disease, part of team at Yale University to discover and diagnose the disease in 1982.

Any amount would be gratefully received.

Send donations to: Dr. Paul H. Duray MD Research Fellowship Endowment Foundation c/o Alan B. MacDonald,MD. 8427 Benelli Court, Naples, Florida,34114 , USA

Dr. MacDonald’s website is at: http:\\

Sign up for the forum at: http:\\

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  2. don mau says:

    Lyme or Borrielia is only a co- infection . Pathologists find it because they go in looking for it. They don’t bother looking for the real culprit which is Bartonella. Over time they will be proven wrong.

    “Neurological Manifestations of Bartonellosis in ImmunocompetentPatients: A Composite of Reports from 2005–2012”

    Read MS.

    Because of toxic exposure in the modern environment, toxins in food and lack of proper nutrition it is actually easy over time to become immune system compromised.

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