New Lyme Cure

New Lyme Cure

Curza, a pharmaceutical research company in Utah is currently jumping through the appropriate FDA hoops to get a new drug approved which appears to be a real cure for Lyme disease. Yes,a real cure – for the underlying disease AND the biofilms.

Check it out:

According to a local news station, the company is well on its way to getting approval having already filing over a dozen patents that secure this unique approach.

According to the article, the initial clinical trial at the University of New Haven in Connecticut, found Curza’s new product, “CZ-99” to be 60 percent more effective in treating Lyme disease than the traditional antibiotics used to treat the illness.

Curza CEO Ryan Davies says their technology will not only kill the bacteria but also penetrate and destroy the biofilm, making the newtreatment more effective than outdated medications even antibiotics.

“We’ve developed a drug that’s a two-in-one combination,” said Davies. “We’re able to break up the biofilm and force a dispersion and then come in with the antibiotic portion and kill the bacteria that resided inside.”

The FDA has named the study of biofilm technology one of it’s top priorities and has agreed to fast-track the marketability of companies offer proven and safe technology in clinical trial.

Davies says “We’re learning with many different disease states, Lyme Disease happens to be one of them, that traditional antibiotics just don’t work against certain infections.”

There are many universities underwriting the study of possible treatments for Lyme disease but commercial access for new diagnostic tools as well as treatment continue to be problematic.

For instance, a young woman has recently developed a unique approach to diagnosing Lyme, but unfortunately the test is very hard to get access to.

The young woman, Temple Douglas, who developed the new Lyme test at Virginia Tech. She had a personal stake in her research as 3 people in her family had suffered due to the disease. Recent PR has announced her new tool but it is barely available at this time.


As you know, there is fierce competition by medical researchers to get products to market and earn income from their products, hence, those who are “in power” such as Dr. Alan Steere, seek to use their influence with big pharmaceutical companies to keep those discoveries in-house or better yet, to themselves.

Hopefully these promising products will be able to circumvent the current regime.

Watch a video interview and model of how the new drug will work at

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2 Responses to New Lyme Cure

  1. Ben says:

    I don’t know how the CEO’s of medical companies live with themselves when it comes to stuff like bidding wars over a vaccine for something that would help a lot of people. Lyme disease is a horrible thing to be stuck with and to be withholding it back is terrible.

  2. Velma Robinson says:

    Please keep us chronic lymies posted about this new drug.

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