New Diagnostic Tool for Chronic Lyme by Dr. Burrascano

New Diagnostic Tool for Chronic Lyme by Dr. Burrascano

Finally a test we can rely on to diagnose Lyme disease!

As of August 1, 2012, Advanced Laboratory Services (photo credit) has a new diagnostic test for Lyme disease that was developed with the help (as a consultant NOT owner, stockholder or sales rep) of Dr. Joseph Burrascano.  This new test is a culture that identifies the bacteria itself rather than searching for a certain concentration of antibodies.

ALS says about their new test:

“The culture, as the Gold Standard of infectious diseases, should always be considered as the primary diagnostic test. However, the following are just some examples in which culturing is essential: suspected Lyme in a seronegative patient; in those with conflicting serologic results; Lyme patients who remain symptomatic despite prior treatment; in the newborn who may have received maternal Lyme antibodies; symptomatic Lyme-vaccinated patients in whom a serology may not be accurate; someone with a prior history of Lyme who is re-bitten; in the immunosuppressed in whom a false negative serology is more likely; in patients with concurrent illnesses that may have given rise to a false positive serology, etc.”

We have seen the tremendous flaws in the commonly used serological tests!

Also, if we look at the most exacting research, we can see that results are always measured using cultures that examine the blood and tissue looking for the actual bacteria.  This is how the spirochetes were found in mice joints and monkey joints after antibiotic treatment.

In fact Dr. Burrascano and other leading Lyme experts have long argued that the longer a person id infected with Borrelia burgdoerferi, the less likely a positive test will result from  serological tests such as the ELISA or even the Western Blot.

Thankfully this new test will show a positive result for even the most chronic case of Lyme.

How is the test conducted?

ALS reports, “The sample is incubated and after ten to fourteen days it is tested by darkfield microscopy, polyclonal and monoclonal immunostaining, and by multivalent nested PCR. If Borrelia are seen then, a final report of a positive result is generated and sent to the practitioner. If no Borrelia are seen with these methods, then the sample is placed into Long Term Culture that is assayed once, at two months, and a final report is generated at that time. Less than half of the samples need the Long Term Culture.”

Watch a YouTube video of Dr. Burrascano talking about Lyme and the new test here.

Watch full hour presentation on diagnosis and treatment by Dr. Burrascano here.

How can you get this test done?  You have to ask for it.  If you have an open minded primary care doctor or a top Lyme-literate doctor – ask for the new test by Advanced Laboratory Services from and/or:

Advanced Laboratory Services Inc.
501 Elmwood Ave.
Sharon Hill, PA 19079

Phone 855-238-4949
Fax 855-238-4946

As Dr. Burrascano says in the video, be prepared to see much higher numbers of people who are infected.

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14 Responses to New Diagnostic Tool for Chronic Lyme by Dr. Burrascano

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  2. annie says:

    Hello , just wanted to know if this test can be done in France , otherwise what should I do ?
    Thanks for answering

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  5. Page ODonnell says:

    I have been suffering for a year with illness. Igenix positive IGM and MDL lab positive ehrlichiosis IgM. Bullseye rash 3 yrs ago. Treated then.. Got better. Sick again 2 yrs later. Had the ALS culture 5 mo ago …negative. Could this still be Lyme?

    • Jenna Smith says:

      The updated test was released in August and if you didn’t get the new test, and/oor if you didn’t wait the full 4 weeks for results, you may still have Lyme. Although has the Erlichiosis been retested or other co-infections like Bartonella or CPN? What is your CD57? Hopefully you are going to a good LLMD who can test you for the numerous diseases that behave like Lyme OR follow your symptoms to another diagnosis. I think it is worth a call to the lab to ask about Dr. Burrascano’s contribution to the test and when your test was conducted.

      Best wishes,

  6. Agnes Duryea says:

    My husband has been sick for two years. Showing many signs of tick borne illness. However, neurologist diagnosed frontotemporal dementia. I spoke yesterday with a lyme literate person who believes he is suffering from chronic lyme disease. She wants him to see a ILADS doctor. Do you know of any in the New York City/Long Island areas?

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Yes, you are in the heart of Lyme Country and there are many very good LLMDs in the area! Dr. Horowitz in Hyde Park has treated thousands of Lyme patients but he gets to be full and I am not sure if he is accepting new patients right now: (845) 229-8977, Dr. Leigner at 914.273.2121
      is in Armonk, Dr. Zhang (all Chinese medicine) is in Manhattan (212) 573-9584 and then you may also try Dr. Cameron at 914-666-4665 (website:

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  8. Dona says:

    I have never seen advice for those of us who are either too poor, or already went bankrupt paying for diagnostics and endless treatments on how to die with Lyme and co-infections. There is no doctor I can pay that knows how to treat, let alone one who can help me with accepting my death from sheer lack of funds, and most certainly I will not even be provided pain medication to just help ease the endless intense suffering. There are NO charities in my city that recognize Lyme and all refuse to provide any services. Likewise, there are no therapists who will help, unless I can pay them their bloated fees, and then most know nothing of Lyme. I have been completely abandoned by all friends and family, was made homeless by a criminal landlord, and now am without any furniture and many of my belongings that he had stolen from me. No police, lawyer, or nonprofit will help me in any way. I am supposed to just go and die somewhere out of sight from the citizens who hate seeing homeless people. I tried to get help from a nonprofit disability law project, and after an intake interview, got a call back telling me never to call them again because Lyme is not a disability! Yet, I was awarded full disability from SSDI with Advanced Lyme as the cause. I am in end stage neurological Lyme now with Dysautonomia, seizures mostly of the catatonic form, extreme weakness, no sense of balance or orientation, and now am having a full blown Babesia relapse. I am in such incredible pain and so tired I just want to die. I do not believe in suicide, but I pray God will take me every night. Why isn’t there counseling available for the FAMILIES who abandon their relative dying of Lyme? I have not seen nor heard from anyone for over three years, except to get a few calls from my father yelling at me for putting my family through this! At this point, when I do finally die, I do not know what will even happen to all my things that include family heirlooms and very old photos. No one would accept the responsibilty of at least executing my will for me! And, no one knows where I am. They all have blocked my phone calls and emails, once I was illegally evicted. My father and both brothers have big homes with enpty bedroims and plenty of income too! How cruel can that be? What I worry the most about is my only friend in the world who has been with me through all this, my Pug Ruby. I cannot even get anyone to promise they will take her once I die, or become far too ill to care for her. I want to give her up now, as she no longer gets to go for walks or play, just lay around all day and night in a dark room with me. She desrves better, and even though it will completely break my heart to be losing the only living being that has constantanty shown any love or affection to me, I want to make sure she will be safe and well loved in another home.

    It is a terrible thing that all Lyme Foundations completely ignore the desperate pleas for help from those much less fortunate than you who can get all the care you need, healthy food, and a secure roof over your head.

    If I were dying of AIDS, I would be provided a very nice hospice to die in. I would get affection from others who care about those in need. I would get food and might even be permitted to keep my Ruby and have someone promise to care for her once I die. The reason why the AIDS movement was so successful is because they left no one behind. With Lyme, only the wealthy who can afford treatment are included.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      I hope you received the email I sent you offline…you are not alone and many would like to help you – please respond.

      Jenna (

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