New Book by Dr. Horowitz a Big Success

New Book by Dr. Horowitz a Big Success

If you haven’t read it yet, please order a copy of “Why Can’t I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease.” by Dr. Richard Horowitz.

Although you may be disappointed if you think it will give you a treatment solution for your particular disease cocktail, the book is jammed full arguably one of the most experienced (if not the most experienced) Lyme-literate MD in the US today.

My disappointment runs deeper, as it has with many of the top LLMD’s, best selling authors, and lecturers who have gained their fame and status as experts re: chronic Lyme (more accurately chronic Borrelia)

disease only to capitulate in what I consider critical areas, as they continue under the spotlight apparently trying to keep a credible standing in the conventional medical world, (or perhaps a credible standing with peers, reviewers or mass media.)

The end result is that even Dr. Horowitz can’t put “Chronic Lyme Disease” on the cover of his book, although he comes close.

On the homepage of his website promoting this book Dr. Horowitz writes:

“This represents my life’s work over the last 26 years, diagnosing and treating over 12,000 chronically ill patients with Lyme disease. I have discovered that patients with chronic symptoms after classical treatment for Lyme disease have multi-factorial causes for their illness. I call this syndrome Lyme-MSIDS. MSIDS stands for Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome, and represents sixteen potential overlapping medical problems contributing to persistent symptoms in patients with chronic illness.

If you or a loved one is still suffering from unexplained symptoms of Lyme disease, or have been diagnosed with a chronic illness where your health care providers have not been able to provide answers for your symptoms, this book may help you to uncover the hidden causes of your illness. I wrote this book for you and your doctors, so that you could be empowered to finally find answers for your chronic persistent symptoms.

Not only does this apply to individuals who have been diagnosed with Lyme and associated tick-borne disorders, but also applies to those who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and MS, or even psychological disorders where there is a multisystemic component. Lyme is the great imitator, and is the number one vector borne epidemic spreading throughout the world, mimicking many other diseases. This book should help you and your healthcare provider navigate the maze of chronic illness, and put you back on the road to health.”

This corrupted acceptance of PLDTS (Post Lyme Disease Treatment Syndrome) rather than standing firm regarding chronic Borrelia is a severe setback to the nation-wide efforts to find a meaningful cure for those of us who suffer with chronic Borrelia.

You may ask, “What’s the big deal?”

A syndrome is used to describe a set of symptoms that may or may not be cured, versus a disease that creates the symptoms and is caused by bacteria that can be cured.

This is a HUGE difference.

Dr. Horowitz and many oth LLMDs would have told me last year that I have PLDTS not chronic Borrelia because of all the antibiotics I had been on without recovery.

I know many of you are in the same boat, and it causes the most intellectual and logical people to go crazy (pun intended) trying to find relief from the torment of multiple diseases and too many symptoms to list.

I call it “shadow-boxing” – we know the enemy but where is it and how to we deliver the killing blow?

We listen to a friend of a friend who recovered using the Cowden protocol and we try that. If that fails we talk to a different friend of a friend who recovered using Stephen Buhner’s Herbal Protocol and we try that. And so on, meanwhile our health spirals down along with our finances.

Some people jump from protocol to protocol or create their own (as I did) based on websites, doctor’s appointments, books, forums, internet research (warning: do NOT mention to any doctor that you discovered something on the internet, or if you do, be prepared to see eyes roll and a condescending smile or worse.)

I have been lucky with a sincere primary care MD (internal medicine specialist) willing to work with the dozen or so LLMDs I engaged over the years.  Although a card carrying IDSA member, he was the genius who ordered the penicillin I started taking a year ago and willingly – in spite of his limited time available – read books and watched videos I gave him, and carefully evaluated medical procedures and diagnostic tools I requested, eventually gifting me with a cure.

Granted, the cure includes many parts that go beyond the penicillin and I am sure I would just have a recurrence of symptoms without the additional features of my protocol.  But the fact remains I am being cured as I write this.  Each month an improvement over the previous month after seven years in bed with over 100 symptoms that kept me in constant pain, suicidal, and if not for YOU, my subscribers and Lyme friends, I would have been in even worse shape.

I will conclude with this short story of an interview with the Boston Globe last fall regarding Advanced Lab Services Borrelia test co-created by Dr. Burrascano, and tested at 94% accuracy using the CDC guidelines (it is higher without their conditions).

The journalist assured me that she wanted to be intellectually honest and that she had a cousin who had chronic Lyme disease so she knew first hand how devastating the disease is. After hearing that I had gotten negative results from the ELISA and the western blot (4 positive bands, and 2 IND bands meaning there was a response but not strong enough to be called positive), and in spite of the clinical diagnosis my first LLMD gave  it was based on symptoms  and over the years of pain and devastation it was not until I was tested with a blood culture by Advanced Lab Services for several species of Borrelia that I finally had positive results that were verified with actual DNA mapping!

When the journalist asked me if I would mind if she used my name and story I responded immediately with a resounding, “Yes!” only to be warned that her representation of the lab would not be positive. I asked what happened to the intellectual honesty, and she responded by saying that New York would not even allow the test results to be used as a diagnosis. Even with DNA verification. Does this sound like honest reporting? She already had her mind made up before she called me based upon the ruling by New York.

Ans what about the remarkable improvement after the diagnosis and resulting protocol? She reported that I was now driving after more than 7 years of being bedridden, not mentioning anywhere that my symptoms now numbered under 10, and my pharmaceuticals (other than the abx) are all reduced (some even removed)…this is from a sympathetic reporter, I can’t even imagine what another reported might have printed!

So we still have an uphill battle inspite of the peer reviewed studies that all verify chronic Borrelia.  So are we left to “shadow box”?

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3 Responses to New Book by Dr. Horowitz a Big Success

  1. wlkthlne says:

    Hey, Jenna long time no hear from me. You and I met a many few yrs back. You where fightin’ from your bed, and I was tryin’ and fightin’ to keep away from being where you where. It is great to hear you have found some treatments that are workin’!!! I still fight each day with Bartonella, an evil that goes beyond lyme in my opinion.

    Dr. Horowitz book, that I’m still tryin’ to get through, has been a world of info. I’ve also found something there that have helped me with certain issues! I would only have hoped his book will reach those “easy way out” Doctors and bring them out of their greed and into the oath!

    As for that reporter, well you where much nicer than I would have been. I commend you for wanting to get the “word” out to help current victims and to make other “yet to be” victims more cautious. As I keep congressman Gibson in the loop and write to many others, to get them to “wake the hell up”…you say it right, “it’s an uphill battle” I’ve yet to still grasp that, due to how bad this is spreading, and the ease for townships and such to mandate a very cheap and effective TickRid program, to keep down the numbers of those who become Victims. Don’t even bring up tests and treatments, specially in New York. We have our wonderful veternarian Dr. Ed B… and he has done great with his Bartonella test! All states but NY have accepted it, again all to do with greed. As steep and long the uphill is, I urge many to never quit, treatment and to keep persistant communication to those we voted into office, both in Thank you’s(provided they actually did something) and in direct demand get with the program letters, after all we’ve beaten the Cancer and Aids numbers, I’d think it’s time to get a move on here!!!

  2. don mau says:

    Dr H is a marketing expert who would love to sell you his lame book.

  3. Victoria says:

    @Don Mau – your own experience may be helping but it also shows a limitation. There is a great value in Dr. H’s book and continued effort to keep reality of Lyme in forefront. It may be best for all trapped in this alternate universe to save any snark and displaced cynicism for those who are working even more diligently (in a legislative/guideline manner no less) in preventing victims of this terrible disease from getting proper treatment. As another sufferer who was lucky to get a diagnosis I’ve became, from necessity, a devoted researcher consumed by understanding what I’m fighting and making educated decisions on my care. I am profoundly grateful that there are those, like Dr. Horowitz, who are continuing education from a medical side and bloggers, like Jenna, who take the time to review books written by the ‘good guys’. One does not need to sing praises for all. In spite some misgivings Jenna does recommend this reference. I consider Dr. Oz a mega peddler of recycled and often iffy information. This book makes a nice addition to a well-versed library and does, at its author, deliver a value to the reader. Another way of looking at it is if it were not for Dr. H and co, we would be stuck listening to CDC as the sole source as our bodies scream in pain.

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