New Antibiotic Cream for Early Lyme Disease

According to “Private MD News”, a team of researchers recently reported that there may be a simpler way to treat early Lyme disease rather than six weeks of Doxycycline.

Researchers from Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany found that the application of a local antibacterial gel to the site of a bug bite that transmitted the infection may quickly kill the entire virus responsible for the disease. Of course it is important to recognize that some forms of Lyme disease create a rash but do not invade the blood stream to attack any other part of the body. This makes it difficult for doctors to know just what kind of Lyme they are treating.

This new therapeutic approach would be easier for patients to complete, but oral antibiotics would still be necessary due to the possibility of a virulent form that enters the blood stream immediately and can enter the central nervous system within 24 hours of infection.

The therapy still needs to be tested in humans, as the currently trial involved testing on animals. However, the researchers said they believe that if it turns out to be as effective in people as it has proven to be animals it could represent a significant advancement in the treatment of Lyme disease.

The treatment is currently being tested in humans as part of a phase III clinical trial, which means that if it is proven effective, it could be approved relatively soon.


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