Natalie Nichols Interview on Alfa Omega TV, Timisoara, Romania Part 4 of 4

httpv:// "If I could only find enough pills to swallow I wouldn’t have to do this anymore!" Natalie Nichols was in the depths of despair. Just a few years earlier as a teen, Natalie was on the fast-track to a life of ministering to others as a gifted musician and speaker. But then her life turned into a nightmare In 1991, at 20 years old, Natalie was a senior honor student at Baylor University, a talented musician, and a gifted motivational speaker. In a matter of weeks, an undiagnosed illness suddenly progressed, taking her on a downward spiral. Finally in 1996, a correct diagnosis was made late-stage Lyme disease. By this time there was little left that resembled the teenager who had begun the journey. What began with a flu, fatigue, stiffness, and pain had progressed until she was confined for over seven years in a wheelchair, a bed, and then within her mind, as the infectious disease caused severe cognitive destruction. It was only Gods grace that carried Natalie through this ultimate test of her faith. His Word literally became her sustenance from day to day. As with Job, the Lord brought her through her trial with His love and grace. I would do it all again, Natalie says, because of how deeply I now know Christ! Natalie takes Gods grace to audiences across the nation and around the world, challenging them to seek and apply the Word of God in every circumstance of life, no matter how difficult the trial may be. Through TV and radio appearances and interviews, conferences and <b>…</b>

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