My Response to Reuter’s Article

My Response to Reuter's Article

February 28, 2014 Reuter’s published an article entitled, Tick test for persistent Lyme disease tried in humans” by Kathryn .

Read the article here.

Although it’s great to see more research being done on Lyme disease, this article demonstrates a clear bias in media towards the archaic and grossly inaccurate information that is fed to the public from CDC and IDSA.  My response follows:

“Poorly researched article! There are no accepted Lyme tests available through conventional doctors. Many thousands of people who suffer with symptoms are routinely sent home without a diagnosis and forced to find help outside of mainstream medicine.

Finally a test (by Advanced Lab Services in PA) is available to accurately diagnose several forms of Borrelia (Lyme) using DNA to verify results and the test is rejected by mainstream doctors as not being verifiable…DNA? Not verifiable?

It makes many people lose faith in mainstream medicine.

Also, Borrelia takes more than two weeks to develop from blood samples as it takes 3 to 4 weeks to reproduce. How would any study that only waits 2 weeks for DNA evidence be accurate? Advanced Labs waits 4 months to be sure as Borrelia is known to be difficult to grow in labs.

PTLDS is just another name for chronic Lyme disease because doctors can’t deny that the thousands of patients who are treated with too little antibiotics for too short of a period (thanks to the IDSA protocol for treatment) continue to develop more symptoms and many times get even sicker.

Chronic Lyme should be called Chronic Borrelia because of the overwhelming evidence that has existed for years demonstrating multiple species of Borrelia that infect Americans (and people around the world in places that supposedly don’t have Lyme disease) and the ELISA and Western Blot assay only looks for antibodies from one strain even though that test misses anyone sick from a different strain.

The good news is that research is being attempted to find reliable tests, but I still think it is a sad reflection on IDSA and mainstream medicine that the blood culture test by Advanced Lab Services isn’t embraced and used to determine the existence of Borrelia in a person sick with all the symptoms of Lyme.


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