Must Read: IDSA at it Again!

Must Read: IDSA at it Again!

The Poughkipsee Journal has done a wonderful job of following the plight of those of us with chronic Lyme disease and the irresponsible actions of the CDC and IDSA with their lack of action to change the antiquated 2 tier testing and make finding a treatment a priority.

Their latest article tells how the IDSA after being forced to put a committee together to address the old regs and develop a new treatment standard which had to include “two people to represent the public: “a current or former patient and a patient advocate.”

Instead they selected one woman who has never had Lyme, comes from an area with very few cases and knows absolutely nothing about Lyme!

Read the whole story here:

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One Response to Must Read: IDSA at it Again!

  1. angela says:

    WHy do they keep ducking this, it is disgusting, they are going to get called out every time I hope they know.

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