Molecular characterization of the Borrelia burgdorferi in vivo essential protein, PncA.

Authors: Jewett M, Jain S, Linowski AK, Sarkar A, Rosa PA The conversion of nicotinamide to nicotinic acid by nicotinamidase enzymes is a critical step in maintaining NAD+ homeostasis and contributes to numerous important biological processes in diverse organisms. In B. burgdorferi, the nicotinamidase enzyme, PncA, is required for spirochete survival throughout the infectious cycle. Mammals lack nicotinamidases and therefore PncA may serve as a therapeutic target for Lyme disease. Contrary to the in vivo importance of PncA, the current annotation for the pncA open reading frame suggests that the encoded protein may be inactive due to the absence of an N-terminal aspartic acid residue that is a conserved member of the catalytic triad of characterized PncA proteins. Herein we used geneti…

Authors: Jewett M, Jain S, Linowski AK, Sarkar A, Rosa PA

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