Mayo Clinic Reveals Study on MS Which Supports Chronic Lyme Disease.

Mayo Clinic Reveals Study on MS Which Supports Chronic Lyme Disease.

New research shows MS,  an auto-immune disease to likely be caused by another  infectious disease.  Could this be why so many people are diagnosed with MS and are later diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease?

According to information released by Mayo Clinic last year, Dr. Claudia Lucchinetti, M.D., co-lead author of the study (which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine) shows startling results at odds with what was previously believed.

Researchers have not known precisely what causes MS, but it has traditionally been thought to be its own autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks and destroys its own myelin. The resulting symptoms are very similar to Lyme disease and can include blindness, numbness, paralysis, and thinking and memory problems.

“Our study shows the cortex is involved early in MS and may even be the initial target of disease,” says Claudia F. Lucchinetti, M.D. , co-lead author of the study and Mayo Clinic neurologist . “Inflammation in the cortex must be considered when investigating the causes and progression of MS”, she says.

Study authors say current therapeutic options may not even address issues associated with the cortex. Understanding how the cortex is involved, therefore, is critical to creating new therapies for MS. “Measures of cortical damage will enhance enormously the power of clinical trials to determine if new medications address tissue changes of MS in all regions of the brain,” says co-lead authorRichard Ransohoff, M.D. , a Cleveland Clinic neurologist.

These measures are important because disease accumulates in the cortex over time, and inflammation in the cortex is a sign the disease has progressed.

The research is distinct because it studied brain tissues from patients in the earliest stages of MS. “What’s unique about the study is, and the reason the National MS Society funded this international team of researchers, is that it offers a rare view of MS.” says Timothy Coetzee, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society . “Colloborative studies like this, that deepen our understanding of the sequence of nervous-system-damaging events, should offer new opportunities for stopping MS disease progression and improving quality of life for people with MS.”

The findings support the understanding that MS is primarily a disease of inflammation, not neurodegeneration, as some studies have recently suggested. Co-lead authors Drs. Lucchinetti and Ransohoff conclude that it is “overwhelmingly likely” that MS is fundamentally an inflammatory disease, and not a neurodegenerative Alzheimer-like disease.

Read the entire article at and/or listen to this interview explaining the importance of this study via You Tube.


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3 Responses to Mayo Clinic Reveals Study on MS Which Supports Chronic Lyme Disease.

  1. Candy says:

    Funny how this works! I have suspected Lyme disease for months now and have been told no “you don’t have Lyme” Last appointment with my employee health doctor at Mayo Clinic my doc confided in me that he has just been diagnosed with Lyme but that he still says I have Fibromyalgia. I got more ill after two surgeries due to an injury at work and yet they are saying fibromyalgia is a pre-existing illness. Sounds like they are trying to cover their butts!

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Candy – You risk a much longer and severe illness by accepting a bogus diagnosis…fibromyalgia means body pain which most everyone with Lyme has. Try to get the new test from Advanced Labs for a certain diagnosis. Depending on your relationship with your doctor at Mayo, he may order it for you (be prepared to pay for it and be reimbursed by insurance (hopefully) – but you may help many others by giving him a tool for his toolbox that he would otherwise not know about. See


    • Michele says:

      That’s what they told me and my daughter too instead of helping us with positive Lyme results and past infection of R.M.S.F. The lab she mentioned below get your results there!! Although it’s a very long hard road but if you suspect it get on antibotics asap!!!!!!!!!!! And I mean skip the dozy b.s. and go to i.v. ones pronto!

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