Lyme Set To Explode With No Cure In Sight

Lyme Set To Explode With No Cure In Sight

The word is out.  Every indicator from acorns to temperatures indicate a record year for ticks – not just in the northeast but across the country.According to NPR and numerous other media sources, 2017  is going to be a big year for Lyme disease, and that the condition could further ravage the United States and other parts of North America.

Rick Ostfeld and Felicia Keesing, from New York have been studying Lyme disease and ways to stop it for more than 20 years. Keesing and Ostfeld  have come up with an early warning system for the disease. They can predict how many cases there will be a year in advance by looking at one key measurement: Count the mice the year before.

The Hudson River Valley where the scientists live, experienced a mouse plague during the summer of 2016. The critters were everywhere. For most people, it was just a nuisance. But for Keesing and Ostfeld, the mouse plague signaled something foreboding.

“We’re anticipating 2017 to be a particularly risky year for Lyme,” Ostfeld says.

The number of critters scampering around the forest in the summer correlates to the Lyme cases the following summer, they’ve reported.

The explanation is simple: Mice are highly efficient transmitters of Lyme. They infect up to 95 percent of ticks that feed on them. Mice are responsible for infecting the majority of ticks carrying Lyme in the Northeast. And ticks love mice. “An individual mouse might have 50, 60, even 100 ticks covering its ears and face,” Ostfeld says.

So that mouse plague last year means there is going to be a Lyme plague this year. “Yep. I’m sorry to say that’s the scenario we’re expecting,” Ostfeld says.

Spread the word regarding the danger and also the best ways to prevent transmission.




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6 Responses to Lyme Set To Explode With No Cure In Sight

  1. Sian James says:

    great piece. Thank you! Have shared widely. If you ever want to record anything for our YouTube channel, let me know. As a fellow Lymie, I’m keen to get the word out.

  2. Robynne Catheron says:

    Excellent post, albeit frightening as heck for everyone, especially those of us in the northeast.

    Is the rumor true that the CDC is more than able to eradicate the disease-causing ticks and also claim Lyme Disease as an epidemic, but they keep silent because the drugs used to treat the disease (for both humans and animals) are huge moneymakers for Big Pharma?

    Thank you for any facts you can provide. I have horses, donkeys and dogs, and the threat of Lyme Disease worries me more than anything else. So many of my friends and/or their horses around the country suffer from it. A nearby friend and her horse and donkeys all have it. What a nightmare life to have to live.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Robynne – The CDC are not able to eradicate ticks – they just collect data to keep track of diseases in the USA – the big issue is that they say the disease needs to be “clinically” diagnosed (by a doctor evaluating symptoms) but then they support a 2 tier diagnostic process that has a very low success rate causing people to go un-diagnosed and untreated and consequently causing more chronic Lyme. The CDC calls a western blot negative with less than 5 positive bands where LLMDs consider one positive band positive for Lyme IF the symptoms support it and other ailments are ruled out.

      I also lived on a farm in the Northeast and my whole family and all my animals got sick – I suggest guinea hens (in bulk) as they eat ticks voraciously. I could never keep them alive due to the wildlife in Maine but its worth a try…

      Best of luck!

  3. Ciska Glachant says:

    Ants eat ticks, foxes ad other small carnivores eat mice… Some biological balance in nature’s species may help restore this balance and help prevent massive spreading of ticks and tick carriers…

  4. marie larose says:

    isn’t that lovely .I am at this time getting rid of rats and mice in my apartment ,the guy just left and set up new traps .I am sore all over ..fibro myalgia ..sounds more like Lyme to me. I am so mad at the government of Canada.They couldn’t care less the basterds.

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