Lyme Disease MSIDS History in the Making

Lyme Disease MSIDS History in the Making

Momentum is slowly changing as more and more esteemed medical doctors stand up for the dilemma patients struggle with to find compassionate treatment for their chronic Lyme disease, or as it is now becoming known as MSIDS (multiple symptom infectious disease syndrome.)

Borrelia, the family of bacteria that includes over 100 types in the US and 300 worldwide that we are aware of, can not be considered on it’s own due to the interaction of Lyme disease with the many co-infections.  However,as Dr. Richard Horowitz points out after treating over 12,000 patients suffering with Lyme disease and co-infections, there are always a large number of health concerns that impact the severity of the illness, the number and type of symptoms, as well as the type of appropriate treatment.

The complexities and life altering nature of Lyme disease would be horrifying enough on its own but when you add the medical controversy and mud slinging that has overcome the once staid world of medical practice, the question haunts patients, media, politicians and even some of the doctors themselves, “Why?”

On the sequel to “Under Our Skin” called “Emergence”, a possible answer is offered by a Lyme expert (I paraphrase), “The officials can’t admit to being wrong now, the lie has gotten too big.”

I believe that the lies will come out now that the people in charge (CDC) are heedlessly reacting to the development of a reliable diagnostic tool for Lyme disease (at Advanced Lab Services) after 3 decades of a 2-tier testing system that fails to catch a minimum of 50% of those infected.  Why aren’t they spreading the word and supporting such a test?


There are 3.4 million western blot tests done each year (and these are ordered only after a positive ELISA which is even less reliable.  Now remember, there are many doctors who see the rash or the symptoms in endemic areas and put their patients on a course of Doxy without the testing. The CDC currently tries to keep all testing for Lyme disease going to “approved” labs and certainly someone has done the math regarding the cost of 3.4 million tests being sent to Advanced Lab Services. (SEE “Integrity of Advanced Labs”)


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