Lyme Disease In Dogs, A Real Problem!

httpv:// According to Doc Pawsitive, Lyme Disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases last year at his veterinary office! A simple, very accurate and affordable blood test is available for Lyme testing in dogs, unlike in people. The test requires only 3-4 drops of blood and the results are available in under 10 minutes while you wait at his new PAWS Veterinary Clinic in northeast Pennsylvania. With this readily available test, Doc diagnosed over 1500 dogs with Lyme disease last year! Instead of waiting for dogs to develop the advanced symtoms of canine Lyme Disease(fever, lethargy, joint pain, difficulty walking, arthritis and even kidney failure), Dr Clair Thompson tests asymptomatic dogs, diagnoses the disease in the very treatable early stages and treats accordingly with inexpensive antibiotics such as doxycycline, amoxicillin and cephalexin for 30 days, then retests 12 months later; when the majority of dogs are Lyme-free! In addition to testing, Doc Pawsitive recommends ALL DOGS in northeast Pennsylvania start the very effective vaccine AGAINST Lyme disease as puppies, which requires 2 subcutaneous vaccinations 2-4 weeks apart to start with a yearly booster every year. In addition to testing and vaccinating, Doc advises the exclusive use of Vectra 3D for year-round flea and tick control. When started on the vaccine as puppies and with the year-round use of Vectra 3D, the new PAWS Veterinary Clinic is able to offer a LIFETIME LYME FREE GUARANTEE! Call our office at <b>…</b>

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