Living With Lyme by Libby Lauer

Living With Lyme by Libby Lauer

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease I spent countless hours searching for the best ways to heal, the surefire treatments that would get me out of this hell as soon as possible. I read every piece of advice I could find, desperate for hope that I would get better, that everything would be ok.

I’m here now to tell you that everything IS ok. Where you are at right now is ok. It’s the only place you could possibly be. Hanging onto your alternate realities, your dream states in which everything is wonderful and Lyme never happened, that only serves to hurt you. It drains you of your limited supply of mental energy. Once you accept the reality of your life right now, you’ll free up that valuable mental energy and you can redirect it to focus fully on healing.

I healed from over 5 years of Lyme disease in less than 12 months. I was fortunate. Some have been struggling through this for decades. The longer you’ve been afflicted and the longer you’ve been in treatment, the more important it is to find self-acceptance right now. You are never going to get these years back. Please, make the most of them.

I know it’s not easy, so here are my four top tips on living a full, meaningful life with Lyme disease.

**Replace nutrients – At one point I was taking over 60 pills a day, most of them supplements. I was also on up to 4 antibiotics, 1 anti fungal and 1 anti-parasite all at the same time. I give credit for the majority of my recovery to very high doses doses of vitamins. (Check with your practitioner for proper dosing) As much as Lyme destroys our bodies, so do antibiotics. We need to incorporate enough of the life-giving nutrients that enable us to heal. Supplements, juicing, healing foods, however you choose to do it, you MUST focus on rebuilding your body from the destruction it has experienced.

**Maybe it’s not Lyme. Sometimes we fight so hard to get a Lyme diagnosis that we lose the perspective of what we’re trying to accomplish. As long as you’re healing, it doesn’t matter what diagnosis is primary. Sometimes it’s candida, or parasites, food allergies or MCS. Follow your instincts. Your body will faithfully lead you towards the real culprit. Just listen to it. (*Hint- your instincts are what you feel in your gut, not in your scared Lyme brain. Make sure you’re listening to the right thing!)

**Break the rules. At some point my husband admitted that he thought I had become a little crazy. The root of his concern was my symptom log. I ditched the symptom log, and miraculously I made huge gains that month. My doctor was not happy that I ditched her log, but my body and mind thanked me for it. When we spend too much time thinking about how sick we are, that leaves very little mental space for healing energy. If something doesn’t feel right to you, it’s probably not.

**Have a life. I was scared that I wouldn’t have enough energy to make it through an outing, was too tired to leave the house after 7pm, and was too diet-obsessed to eat out. By limiting your life to only those situations that you know you can handle, you aren’t leaving any room for growth. You’re treating yourself like a sick person, and you’re acting like a sick person. What does that make you? Nothing but a sick person! Get off the blogs and the Internet forums. Leave your house and do something the pre-Lyme you would enjoy. Just don’t overdo it.

Challenge yourself, and your spirit will thank you for it.

Libby Louer is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, specializing in helping women with chronic illness find natural ways to heal. Connect with her at



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2 Responses to Living With Lyme by Libby Lauer

  1. Marie G says:

    I would like to know your protocol for getting rid of your Lyme. I’m struggling with it and have been homebound for the last year.

    • Jenna Smith says:

      I am doing fantastic physically and am writing a book with a full account – however – I have had a personal crisis due to my husband’s reaction to my extended illness and have been trying to work through that and save my marriage…still may be able to but meanwhile a dear friend sent tickets to her home in Hawaii to focus on continuing my recovery and writing – so I will be blogging again soon.

      The things I can tell you now that will help is to get yourself on a biofilm busting protocol. I cannot stress that enough – along with magnesium, coQ10, B-vitamins, Taurine…whatever your routine is make sure to add a strong dose of one of the biofilm busting enzymes (Lumbrokinase, Nattokinase or Serrapeptase) and read Eva Sapi’s work on Lyme and biofilms.

      I am on 2 grams of penicillin and 2 grams of Serrapeptase (by Nutramedix) and have been getting better in leaps and bounds! My energy and slow reduction of symptoms…herxes when the biofilms come apart…you can feel it happen and then feel the results of the lighter bacteria load. I rely on Sarsaparilla (Smilax) to move the neurotoxins out of my system or otherwise I just feel horrible for a week after the herxes.

      Hope this helps!

      Blessings, Jenna

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