Live Streaming for ILADS 2012 Conference

Live Streaming for ILADS 2012 Conference

World’s Leading Lyme Disease Researchers and Clinicians (reported from ILADS)

The Thirteenth Annual ILADS Lyme Disease Conference in Boston, Massachusetts on November 2-4, 2012 was a huge success and was our biggest conference to date. The mission of the ILADS’ conferences is to bring together respected international researchers and clinicians to share cutting-edge research and diagnostic and treatment modalities for Lyme disease.

While our main objectives are training of physicians worldwide and Lyme disease research, we are dedicated to bringing this information to those most affected: people suffering with Lyme disease and their family and friends.

We believe information is the most effective weapon against Lyme disease and that patients need to learn all they can about this disease. To meet this objective, we are offering free streaming of select presentations from the 2012 Boston ILADS Lyme disease conference to our international audience on 3 different weekends during the month of December 2012.  Select a streaming event below to view the schedule in your region.

For more information on ILADS and/or the experts who presented at the conference please reference ILADS website at
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