Kris Kristofferson: Lyme Disease not Alzheimer’s

Kris Kristofferson: Lyme Disease not Alzheimer's

After years of taking medication for Alzheimer’s, actor/singer/songwriter Kris Kristofferson tested positive for Lyme disease. The country music star’s memory had been declining for quite some time when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and for a man in his late seventies the diagnosis was not unusual.

Since the disease was first identified it has been extremely frustrating for the medical community as the cause has been in dispute. Not only is the origin of Alzheimer’s unknown, but current treatments are far from reliable.

However, recent research is showing a strong relationship between bacteria (especially spirochetes/borreliosis) and Alzheimer’s as reported here in March of this year (See New Link Between Alzheimers and Lyme Disease).

The good news for Mr. Kristofferson is that antibiotics showed improvement right away and now he is enjoying greatly improved health. Perhaps our generation will see antibiotics become the preferred treatment for Alzheimer’s!

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