Keeping Love Alive with Chronic Lyme

Keeping Love Alive with Chronic Lyme

The ability to freely move and maintain independence is often taken for granted.

Unfortunately, these abilities can quickly be taken away from us without warning. Lyme has the ability to cause extreme weakness, fatigue, and all the other fun symptoms that we are all familiar with.

Not only is the life of the person directly affected, but the lives of those around them.

However, having a Lyme, or living with someone with a Lyme, does not have to be unhappy. Through modifications, your life together can continue to thrive and grow, leaving your relationship strong and intact.
One of the many ways you can share love to your disabled loved one and continue to strengthen and grow your relationship with them is through service to them. Simple actions such as helping to complete a task, reading to them, or cleaning something for them without them asking can create a closer bond.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that those with disabilities individuals still seek some amount of independence. Instead of just doing something for them, consider working together on something. If your loved one states they can do it on their own, let them. Look for other ways to provide service instead while allowing them their independence.


Just because a person has Lyme does not mean that their life stops.

Help show them that they can still get out and have a good time with you by planning accessible dates. While your loved one may not be able to do everything they used to, find an alternative that you can still enjoy together. If they loved to play baseball before their disability, consider going to a baseball game, even if they can no longer play the way they used to.

If they loved to dance, consider attending a ballet or simply dance closely together in the living room using the areas of the body that still move. Find an accessible restaurant for a romantic dinner, or if your loved one prefers not to go out, cook them a special candlelight dinner at home. Life can be adapted to fit whatever abilities remain, so be creative and adapt favorite activities or find new ones that you both can enjoy together.

Home Accommodations

One of the most important ways you can show love to someone with a disability is to make accommodations at home to help them remain active, independent and comfortable. Various companies continue making significant strides in home mobility and independence products.

Consider each room in the house and determine what improvements can increase the quality of life of your loved one. For entry, consider installing a ramp to allow easier access in and out of the home. Inside the home arrange the furniture for easier mobility and flow. If your loved on is in a wheelchair, consider removing carpet and installing a wood or laminate floor to ease wheelchair movement throughout the house.

The bathroom is another area to focus on. For example, toilet safety supports or risers can ease getting on and off the toilet safely. A shower chair or accessible bathtub can make bathing easier. Beyond the inside of your house, consider a wheelchair van to increase mobility outside the home. Wheelchair vans make it easier for your loved one to get in and out of the vehicle, allowing greater mobility and access to places outside the home.

The two most important words to keep in mind when facing a Lyme together are love and adaptation. As long as you continue to show your love and strive to spend time together in whatever capacity you can, your relationship will continue to grow.

While it’s important to acknowledge that a disability is present, it’s even more important to not let a disability limit your relationship.

So adapt and explore and you’ll realize a love-filled life is still possible.

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