Is Lyme Disease Transmitted Sexually?

Is Lyme Disease Transmitted Sexually?

Is Lyme Disease Transmitted Sexually?

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The debate goes around and around about whether or not Lyms disease can be contracted through sexual contact.

I for one have a difficult time understanding the question.

Syphilis, the Great Grand-daddy of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) is a close cousin to Lyme.  They are both spirochetes, tey both morph into various forms to evade attack by the immune system and/or antibiotics.  They both may remain dormant in their human host for years at a time, and they both gravitate to bodily fluids such as:

* the fluid around the eyes (both diseases can cause blindness);
* to lymphatic fluids;
* to spinal fluids;
* urine
* vaginal fluid;
* semen;
* breast milk;
* fluids in the brain
* fluids in the sinus cavity
* fluids in the bile duct
* fluids in the intestines

Basically, Borrelia burgdorferi can be found in any tissue and in any fluid in the body.

Some may argure that there is not enough time or exposure during sex to transmit the disease.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I believe that there are any secret government plots toying with biological weapons using ticks (of course I can’t rule that out completely after reading “Lab 257″ by Michael Carroll.) But I will share a story that is verifiable by Dr. Gary Stuer (DVM) who tells of taking a blood test from a dog who had previously tested positively for infectious Lyme disease.

He tells how the dog suddenly shook his head hard, and the needle flew out of his hand into the air and then back down directly into his arm.

He didn’t really think much of it until he started to feel like he was coming down with the flu about 5 days later.  He quickly examined his arm and found to his disbelieving eyes that there was a perfect bulls-eye rash at the site of the needle puncture.

He treated himself aggressively for a full month and began to feel better almost immediately.  Thankfully he has never had another problem.  But stories like that are beginning to blast through the internet…cases of contracting Lyme from mosquito bites and stories of lovers passing on the disease.  My husband was diagnosed with Lyme several months after I was diagnosed.  Was it the shared environment or was it sexual transmission?

I think it takes far more faith to believe it is NOT passed on sexually than that it is.

Bottom line: Protect yourself with prophylactics and make sure your family takes Astragalus which is a powerful herb for protecting the body from ever contracting Lyme. You can find the highest quality Astragalus at Amazon.

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