How to Succeed with Cowden Protocol

How to Succeed with Cowden Protocol

There have been so many people who have successfully recovered using the Cowden protocol, and yet there are many who do not. Why does it seem to work for some and not others?

I asked Dr. Cowden that question, and his answer was a pleasant surprise.

I expected him to say that he didn’t know or that co-infections can interfere with the protocol, but he didn’t say either of those things. Instead he said it was parasites.

I have long suspected that parasites were to blame for my own difficulties in reaching complete recovery, and every time I treat parasites I have a huge boost in health and well-being which erodes over time.

Dr. Cowden explained to me that first, in treating Lyme PLUS, that you have to start by eradicating the largest pathogens first – which means parasites.  The other thing he explained to me is that normal parasite tests only look for certain types of parasites but that our body can hose many different types of parasites that would not show on a test, and that some reproduce so quickly that unless you stay on some type of protocol that you will just be over-run again over time no matter how thoroughly you cleanse yourself initially.

For instance, one tape worm lays one thousand eggs every day, and parasite treatments do not kill the eggs.  So each parasite has a different reproductive schedule and spirochetes can hide in the smallest parasite as well as the eggs before they hatch. These are all strategies to escape antibiotics and the immune system.

This makes perfect sense.

So in addition to busting the biofilms that the spirochetes create to protect their growth communities, we have to destroy the parasites in our body and then implement parasite control by continuing to destroy any remaining eggs or new parasites you pick up eating sushi or gulping a mouthful of water in a lake during summer.  Even swimming in a lake allows certain parasites to enter your body – most are completely harmless except they give spirochetes a warm hiding place to call home and then once the antibiotics are gone, the spirochetes re-enter the blood stream to infect the body.

So, how to we best take care of parasites? This is the protocol that Dr. Cowden outlined to me:

For parasites: Start 8 weeks prior to Lyme protocol: Food Grade DE (keep away from face) 1 tsp in 1 cup of water before breakfast (after 2 bites) and dinner  5 days on and 2 off;Artemesinin by Nutricology, 3 caps 2x day; Enula50 drops twice a day  for 8 weeks (all 5 days on 2 days off) then full moon cycle (2 days before, day of full moon and 2 days after forever!) 

It is imperative to stay on a strong program for 8 weeks before starting the Lyme protocol.  However if you are already on antibiotics or the Cowden protocol or some other killing protocol just dive in and do the parasite protocol at the same time. 

Expect to feel worse before you feel better.  Dr. Cowden recommends Nutramedix products to detox from the herxes (see Cowden protocol) but I have found Sarsaparilla (Smilax) to be very economical and also effective so I take it in addition to the detox tinctures Dr. Cowden has in his protocol (Burbur, Parsley, Pinella and Mapalo) effective. I take 4 Smilax capsules daily (450 mg each) and more if needed during a herx.

One more key to success using the Cowden protocol – the diet is non-negotiable. No sugars at all, no carbs, just protein and veggies (lemon, tomatoes and avocados allowed) no alcohol and small amount of green tea allowed – no coffee.

You have to be committed to recovery in every way from protecting yourself from stress, light exercise, extra rest and no deviations or substitutions from his protocol which is part of the bundle you get when you purchase the protocol through Forrest Health.

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13 Responses to How to Succeed with Cowden Protocol

  1. Rick Schuster says:

    Hi Jenna,
    My daughter has been on the Cowden Lyme protocol for 3 months now and the Support Instructions that comes with the protocol, plus the revised version May 5, 2015, is completely different what you have posted here. Mapalo is not even in the Cowden support protocol and the diet restrictions are completely different. In the Iowden Support Program instructions, he says to avoid “known food allergies” and gives suggestions of common food allergies to avoid. Are the instructions that come with the kit, along with updates, setting us up for failure? The protocol we received says to work UP TO 30 drops of Enula 2x day- NOT 50. Is Dr. Cowden saying that 30 drops is not sufficient to kill parasites. If so, he needs to update the protocol again. I don’t know what “Food Grade DE” is, as the link is bad.

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Sorry about the link – I will fix it but if you go to Amazon and search for food grade Diatemaceous Earth you will get options – a plastic container is best to store it in – it usually comes in a bag and you don’t want to spill it or have it get in the air and accidentally breathe it in.

      He recommended 50 drops to me because he felt I had a particularly bad case of parasites because of certain symptoms. I still think the antibiotics are helping me the most and I take the strongest probiotic available (Therelac) – along with parasite and biofilm protocols.


    • Sally Schutz says:

      I beat lyme after 10 years of misery using the BxProtocol. In 6 months, I am enjoying life. I have energy. I am productive. I prayed for a miracle and my prayers were answered.
      My website will be up in a week or so.

      • Marilyn Jones says:

        Please send me link to your protocol. I am desperate for proven method and personal testimony not just bits and pieces and questions.

        • Jenna Seaver says:

          Marilyn – sorry it took me awhile to respond – I have been in crisis myself (I will be posting more about that later) but for now please have hope. I try to be transparent to my readers and offer the things that have worked for me, free of charge, but I emphasize that we are all unique. THERE IS NO QUICK FIX. But there IS a fix. Some claim complete cure with Salt/Vit C (or Salt/Apple Poly), some with coil or Rife machine, some with Cowden protocol some with Buhner protocol…however, according to CALDA in an informal survey they conducted a few years back, antibiotics are the most sure method to successfully rid you of all symptoms. It worked for Dr. Burrascano, it worked for the author Pam Weintraub and her family and it is working for me. I have gone from over 125 symptoms to 3 remaining hot zones. Don’t lose faith while you suffer in pain. Take comfort that you are not alone. My protocol is at

          Best wishes,

  2. Annie says:

    How are you doing now? Do you feel like you are making great progress?

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Annie –
      I am improving slowly but surely – I think my move to Florida not too far from the beach is going to take me over the top – getting me away from stress, cold and such incredible density of deer ticks that I have PTSD and can’t go outside with any comfort. So I am hoping to be completely 100%, no relapse within 3 years. That is after 45 years of infection. I believe that the longer you have it the harder it is to get rid of but it may be the strength of species…we will know so much more as each year goes by!

      How about you?

  3. J Albert says:

    Hello, I am just beginning this protocol and I am confused about the diet?? I have dialogued back and forth with Nutramedix and they are only quoting the packet instructions. I do not have any food allergies that I know of and regularly eat the foods they recommend avoiding (except gluten). Do you know, are they saying to avoid common food allergy groups because you may develop an allergy to it on this protocol? Do these different foods hamper the healing process? Can you clarify possibly? Thanks so much!

    • Jenna Seaver says:

      Hi Jennifer – Allergies can complicate the symptoms of Lyme disease which is why a good LLMD will do a full allergy panel and implement a diet to accommodate any allergies. Don’t worry about developing allergies – just monitor your symptoms carefully over the next two years so you can evaluate whether or not the protocol is helping.

  4. Ellis says:

    does anyone know how to manage the dosages…if my body simply not capable of managing up to 30 drops target – then my 100lb weight should be ranges to about 20 drops target? Can someone pls clarify dosages based on body mass. The reason why I ask is that after kinetic testing by my doctor he said I can tolerate smaller dosages that I currently take – should I follow his recommendations or bight my lip and continue going up till target dosages as per Cawden protocol?

  5. Karen Hollis says:

    Jenna, I just started antibiotics for Lyme. I would like to do his 1st month in addition. I’m a little worried about how both would affect my liver. Do you believe it is safe to so both?

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