Hope for Those With Chronic Lyme – Diagnosis, A True Story

Hope for Those With Chronic Lyme - Diagnosis, A True Story

This comment came across my desk and I felt it deserved a full blog post.

So many are discouraged with years of pain and Lyme symptoms but no diagnostic test results…for anything!  It makes you feel like you are crazy.  Where is all this pain coming from if all these tests show I am fine?

Well, Posy Bass went through her own hell as she describes below, but thanks to the new Advanced Lab Testing she knows she is not crazy but still suffering from Lyme.

She wrote:

A (sort of) quick note about my recent Advanced Labs test.. I found an engorged tick on my lower back in June 2008, it was Sunday and I spoke with my primary care physician’s triage nurse on call and was prescribed a single 200 mg Doxy pill. Ten days or so later I developed a persistent headache which lasted for several days and sent me to the local emergency room. I was told headaches were not a symptom of Lyme and despite my practically begging they refused to treat me further.

Fast forward to the fall of 2009 when I was finally diagnosed with the help of a very positive Igenex test result and subsequently started an aggressive treatment with oral ABX. I have never been so sick in my life! Crazy herxes etc. In the middle of it all I had to change insurance and because of my preexisting condition no private insurer would accept me but thanks to “Obama Care” I did get coverage. Fast forward to this spring, still experiencing unrelenting pain, brain fog etc

I sought a second opinion from a Lyme specialist in NY. Dozens of tests and thousands of dollars later it appeared there was nothing wrong with me, all trace of Lyme had evaporated!? But I moved forward with IV ABX, (without insurance coverage). After 5 months (and still sick) I stopped IV and waited the required 4 weeks and had blood drawn for the Advanced Labs culture.

Last week the results came back positive, complete with weird sci-fi like images of my very own spirochetes! I was so sure I would test negative and perhaps my lingering problems were related to inflammatory issues (according to Shoemaker’s work).

This news is rather chilling to say the least…I am back on IV ABX for what might be one last shot at it, a different cocktail. I understand that a positive result is 100%; unequivocal. I am stunned that after all I’ve been through they actually grew live bugs from my blood…

So how is the Lyme community responding to this new culture? How well is it being accepted? Isn’t it a game changer? What excuse will the naysayers and insurance cos come up with this time? Anyone else had this experience with Advanced Labs?

Thanks, Posy Bass

Yes Posy, it is a HUGE game changer, and I am surprised that there was not more discussed about it at the ILADS conference (or at least the streaming sessions I watched.)  I tell everyone I can about it and recommend spending the money as soon as possible (you need a doctor’s script for it, and most insurance companies will reimburse the cost.)

Unfortunately the mainstream medical community doesn’t seem interested in the facts. They continue to follow the 2-tier testing protocol even though the tests have been proven again and again to be unreliable, and they refuse to even admit to chronic Lyme even though researchers have proven the existence of borrelia in mice after lengthy courses of antibiotics, and even Dr. Steere in 1977 wrote that symptoms persisted after antibiotic treatment.

I am currently writing “Proof of Chronic Lyme Disease” as shown by close to 100 peer-reviewed studies over the last 30 years.  Most researchers accept chronic Lyme disease as a fact which is so bizarre when contrasted to medical mis-understanding, lack of compassion and absense of meaningful treatment.

For more information rgarding this new test which is 100% accurate, read http://lymediseaseresource.com/wordpress/new-diagnostic-tool-for-chronic-lyme-by-dr-burrascano/.

Feel free to write your comments to Posy here.

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  1. maria helana costa says:

    sou do brasil como fazer teste em minha filha tem lyme a 9 anos e os medicos aqui na sabem tratar ela nao fala nem anda mais

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