Happiness is…Total Recovery From Chronic Lyme Disease. IVIG Part Three

Happiness is…Total Recovery From Chronic Lyme Disease. IVIG Part Three

Many LLDs will tell you it is impossible to get rid of chronic Lyme disease – the best we can hope for is functionality and minimizing the intensity and number of symptoms.

With the discovery of biofilms, we have come a huge step forward in our understanding of how to get rid of one major aspect of the disease that protects the spirochetes from antibiotics and allows the disease to remain firmly entrenched in our bodies…and now we have a way to destroy their “cover” and further reduce the bacteria load in our system and push the deadly invader out of cover where antibiotics, killing herbs and proven treatment protocols can work.

As medical researchers continue to study the bizarre resistance spirochetes manifest, they continue to find new hiding places such as, parasites, bile, lymph nodes and even white blood cells.  Over time, I believe there will be treatment protocols to eliminate every hiding place but for now, what can we do?

IVIG can be a very important tool to aid our body’s tired immune system as we have looked at in detail.  Meanwhile, there are many things we can do to boost our immune system in addition to IVIG or if the choice is made against IVIG therapy.

First, Taking nutrient supplements that are known to be depleted by Lyme is extremely helpful.  Magnesium has been recommended for years until it was discovered that the incredibly intelligent spirochete utilizes as much magnesium as it can get to build biofilms…be careful what supplements you take, and how effective they are as far as being accessible to your blood stream (do they absorb easily or pass out whole?)

Gold 360 is certainly the best immune booster I have found and includes many of the anti-Lyme properties we have read about such as Noni and mushrooms.  If you can’t afford a dozen supplements buy Gold 360 and rest easy knowing you are giving your body the very best in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-aging properties, mental acuity boosting properties, and especially immune system boosting properties.

Sleep is a very important part of supporting your immune system too, and it is up to each of us to make sure our bodies get at least 8 hours to regenerate each night.  Melatonin and Gaba are two natural sleep aids, Gaba will also soothe the central nervous system protecting against anxiety and other symptoms that are caused by a damaged central nervous system.

Diet is also very important.  Some foods will assist keeping our immune system strong while other foods are worthless and even harmful.  Diet and the immune system will be covered in the next post.  Meanwhile, rather than relying only on IVIG treatments, it is important to do everything possible to support a healthy and strong immune system so that it can fight more effectively against chronic Lyme disease and the multiple co-infections that most often come with it.

(Originally posted on November 28, 2011)

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2 Responses to Happiness is…Total Recovery From Chronic Lyme Disease. IVIG Part Three

  1. Melinda Nielsen says:

    Jenna Smith, I just got back from DC seeing my LL doc. He is Dr. Jemsek in the Under our Skin movie. I have been with him for 5 years. He still recommends Magnesium. Why do you feel you should not take it? Are you sure of your research?
    Thank you
    Melinda Nielsen

    • Jenna Smith says:

      Hi Melinda –
      This is debatable, and I regretted going off magnesium for a variety of reasons. However, my current doctor has me on Magnesium Taurate and Transdermal Magnesium Oil. The Magnesium Oil is approved by some of the staunch anti-magnesium doctors as having it added intravenously.

      We all have to remember that the research into the role of biofilms in chronic Lyme disease is still in its infancy, and when we decide to make ourselves “guinea pigs” we run the risk of being completely wrong (or I prefer to think – on the mark.) If you are under the care of Dr. Jemsek, I believe you should follow his advice exactly and sleep well at night confident that you are under some of the very best care available in this country for chronic Lyme disease. You are feeling better slowly but surely aren’t you?
      PS Thanks for reminding me that I need to update the biofilm info on my blogs and websites!

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