Happiness is…Total Recovery From Chronic Lyme Disease. Part Four

Happiness is...Total Recovery From Chronic Lyme Disease. Part Four

The last months have been about a lot of “firsts”.  This picture shows my loving and long-suffering husband Scott and I before a huge Christmas party.  The first since my crash (granted I went and left early but there were over a hundred people there when I left!) My first date night.  My first Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family, my first airline trip by myself (still with wheelchair help to navigate the terminals but no emotional breakdowns.)

I have written extensively about the IVIG infusions and how they helped me.  I do believe they helped me turn a corner however when my immune system was tested recently my markers had all slipped to the lowest end of the spectrum after I stopped the infusions and I have learned so much as the research continues to advance revealing the importance of dissolving biofilm colonies of Lyme in addition to boosting the immune system.

There is also a new protocol I have been testing through a Russian doctor practicing in Spain who is getting amazing results.  He is only working with the toughest cases right now but he has been developing this protocol for over twenty years and trained a number of other doctors in Europe to apply it.

We (the doctor and I) will be publishing a book by the end of the year announcing his protocol officially (I am unable to reveal any details at this time unfortunately) and the results of his test subjects are miraculous.

I have always been the first person to say that different people respond to different approaches but this is a unique exception because of the way it penetrates the body.

If you would like to be notified when the book is available, make sure you are on the monthly mailing list.  My list of subscribers will be given advance notice of the books release and a discount on the book’s price (it will be very reasonable and available on Kindle as well.)

My bad days throw me into despair and I have to remind myself that every day used to be like that…hard to believe!

I have been sick for almost forty years – maybe more and so it will take me longer than most to fully recover.  Some are completely recovered in a matter of months.  But within one month I had more improvement than any other treatment in ten times that amount of time so I knew right away that this doctor knows what he is talking about.

It is wonderful to be able to set a time to Skype…no driving, no waiting in the reception area eyeballing other Lyme patients and wishing you were in bed and didn’t have a seven hour drive home…we send emails back and forth sometimes a few in one day or just one in a week but every question is answered concisely and timely.

I am so blessed to be a part of this test group and look forward to being a part of the team who will bring this to the world of Lyme sufferers.  If you feel there is no hope – just hold on for a few more months!!

Help is on the way!

Meanwhile, work on your biofilm protocol and a gluten-free diet (no sugar and no alcohol either), take the supplements that work best for you, keep as much emotional and physical stress away from you as you possibly can, get as much rest as you possibly can and fill your world with love and laughter (it WILL help with the pain!)



PS If you are not currently taking antibiotics for your disease or any specific herbs, financially the salt apple protocol is the best value and a powerful alternative treatment to utilize while you wait for this cutting edge scientific discovery.

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2 Responses to Happiness is…Total Recovery From Chronic Lyme Disease. Part Four

  1. Camp Other says:

    I am really curious about what this Russian doctor is doing that is different from other doctors… I’ve been doing some research on Russian web sites and have posted their early treatment guidelines – what I could find of them; mostly they are a list of antibiotics and supportive treatment for heart and neuro symptoms by stage.

    I’ve gotten the impression Russian doctors are a lot more aggressive about treating early Lyme disease in Russia than we are in the US – but also heard that some people with chronic Lyme disease have trouble with treatment. There is more to learn about the countries where the IDSA has had less of an influence on the development of their guidelines, I think, and to find out what research they have done on their own. The language barrier has prevented many of us from understanding what their approach is – but also, not every country publishes their research online as extensively as others. Even just abstracts. So it does require extra work to track down some of this information.

  2. Camp Other says:

    I should correct the above, somewhat: The treatment guidelines I’ve posted are for all stages of Lyme disease, but they do not specifically state how chronic Lyme disease is handled. See: http://campother.blogspot.com/2012/03/2011-guidelines-for-treating-lyme.html.

    Readers might also find the treatment a reader from Serbia posted to be of interest… Apparently this guy is Serbian-Canadian and he flew from Canada to Serbia because he couldn’t get adequate treatment in Canada and the IDSA guidelines treatment was inadequate. He did some research and found out that he could get treated in Serbia more effectively. A few Serbian hospitals are using the following protocol and according to him, there is research that has been done in their medical system which confirms the effectiveness of this approach (the following is his quote):

    “It is interesting that in Serbia, where every third tick is infected, amoxicillin is the drug of choice and it is routinely given for 6 weeks for early Lyme Disease.

    In addition, disseminated Lyme Disease is treated in the following manner:

    1) 4 weeks of ceftriaxone 2g/day plus metronidazole 500 mg bid
    or three weeks of amoxicillin 1g tid followed by three weeks doxycycline 200mg bid plus metronidazole 500 mg bid
    2) in case of persisting symptoms therapy is extended using pulsed doses up to 6 months

    There are open-label control studies to support this type of treatment (in Serbian).”

    The Serbians also think there is a post-infectious “post Lyme” condition that people can get. I think there might be too, after a certain point. But there are certainly a number of situations which are clearly the result of infection.

    I’m trying to confirm all of what this guy said and get feedback from other Serbians… I hope to hear more and share what I learn.

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