Fox News Confirms Chronic Lyme Disease Is REAL.

Fox News Confirms Chronic Lyme Disease Is REAL.

Finally some facts from science released to public without first being censored by IDSA medical militants.

This news segment released August 4, 2013 interviews Dr. Erica Kosal, a woman whose husband was mis-diagnosed with ALS

and eventually re-diagnosed – 2 years later – with chronic Lyme disease.  The story is very different than most interviews because the healthy wife has a PhD in        and articulates the key issues of the medical controversy along with her personal story.

Watch here:

Dr. Kosal has also written a book called, “Miracles for Daddy” which I intend to order right away.

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2 Responses to Fox News Confirms Chronic Lyme Disease Is REAL.

  1. Deb Carlson says:

    Hi, I have Lyme/ALS too. I’m being treated at NuTech Mediworld in new Dehli, India. It’s human only embryonic stem cell therapy. It takes time but it works. I am from Pa. Also look into IV PC; read up on Patricia Kane, phD. She’s got protocols for detoxing metals & toxins.

    Good Luck!

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